The Final Answer to The Stranger and Sauron

The Final Answer to The Stranger and Sauron

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has finally reached its finale.

Released on Oct 14, the answer to who is the stranger and who is Sauron has finally been revealed.


Last Episode Recap

Last episode, Tirharad was burned and Míriel lost her eyesight. Isildur went missing and Halbrand was escorted by Galadriel in search of medicine. At the grove, a mysterious trio burned the Harfoots’ caravans and approached the Stranger. Meanwhile in Khazad-dûm King Durin III banished Elrond, took away Prince Durin’s royalty and sealed away the mithril vein. Many have fallen while Mordor has risen.



Here we see that Galadriel has finally escorted Halbrand to Eregion. After their arrival, Halbrand gives Celebrimbor the idea of forging the mithril with other metals to enhance its strength which then raised the suspicion of Galadriel and dug into the royal lineages of the Southlands. After some investigation, she found out that Halbrand wasn’t any Southland king at all, he was Sauron all along.

Sauron offered Galadriel to be his queen and rule over Middle-earth together, but rejected. They broke into a fight but Sauron overpowers Galadriel and fled to Mordor, while back in Númenór, Elendil and Míriel have found out about the death of king Tar-Palantir.

With Sauron’s departure, Galadriel, Elrond, and Celebrimbor gathered and forged the Three Rings in order to keep balance.

In the East where the mysterious trio meets the Stranger, they greeted him as “Lord Sauron” but then realized he was no Sauron at all but an Istari. With Sadoc’s scarification, Nori and the Harfoots managed to steal the leader’s magical staff and bought the Istari a chance to banish the trio into darkness.

With the current danger gone, the Stranger and Nori decide to depart the group and travel east into Rhûn. Without a clear path to go, the Stranger advised to “always follow your nose”.


Second Season

With the end of the first season, the story of Bronwyn, Arondir, Theo, and the Southlanders will only continue in the next season. For what will happen to Isildur and when Sauron will be back will also be waited until then.

While the Three Rings has been successfully forged, it is only a small portion of the 20 rings which will be existing in the future. Despite that Galadriel insisted that the rings should only be touched by the Elven hands alone, it was seen that other races weren’t happy about it and more of it had been forged for other races. Without knowing what caused that to happen, the answers can only be found n the following seasons.




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