The Fix We’ve All Been Waiting For – Nier: Automata’s Steam Version Fixes

When the Steam version of Nier: Automata was released, it received notably poor reception due to many of the features that will be added in this patch not being present. Square Enix offered no immediate solution, and many fans took it upon themselves to fix many of these issues.

Due to the game’s huge success, it seems that the long-awaited update for Nier: Automata’s controversial Steam version will finally arrive on July 15 and will include borderless video settings, a Fidelity FX CAS feature, 4K UI textures, and much more.

Shared on Steam, the update notes also reveal that Nier: Automata on Steam will detect if your system has HDR and will boot the game in HDR mode if it does. It will also adjust anti-aliasing functionality, improve the bit rate on cutscenes so they will play in 60 FPS and display in the correct aspect ratio, add a Global Illumination feature, and add ambient occlusions/bloom settings.

There will also be various bug fixes, including switching between display modes for screenshots, the mouse cursor no longer being displayed when using a controller, stabilizing the frame rate at 60 FPS under defaults settings, and more stability related fixes.

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