The Forest Finally Has A Launch Date

The Forest is finally leaving PC early access this month after four years. Survival games is the current trend lately, but few possess the concept of Endnight Games’ The Forest. There are no missions as such and players just need to stay alive at all costs.

The Forest arrive on Steam early access in 2014, it follows the sole survivor of a plane crash who must gather resources by day, and survive cannibalistic creatures through the night. The Forest has proven successful enough to come up with a PlayStation 4 port, however, PC fans is eager to hear it is finally leaving early access, which means players could access the ending to the story mode.

The official launch was announced via an announcement on Steam, stating the finished game will arrive this month on April 30, 2018. The Forest’s final version includes a cold and warmth system, fresh buildables, updates to multiplayer save games, a VR game mode, and much more. Possibly the most critical detail is the optional ending to the story mode that never utilizes mission objectives to advance.

Along with this update, The Forest will increase in price from $14.99 to $19.99. To put it differently, players will have three weeks to pick this game up at its early access price and receive all the features mentioned above.