The Future of Video Gaming

The Future of Video Gaming

Most people around the world have felt the impact of video games in the society. People who spent a lot of time with the Nintendo and Sega consoles decades ago for example, are now enjoying new hardware that can provide better graphics and gameplay.

Through the years, the gaming industry has evolved from something that only young kids are concerned with, into a huge market that targets people of all ages.

The future of video games is still unknown, and not so very many companies these days want to take the risk of providing newer platforms. On the other hand, there already some individuals who took a step forward for the future of the gaming industry.




The Hype of Virtual Reality

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) a few months ago was a defining moment for the future of consoles. While Sony and Microsoft went really well on presenting their next-gen consoles – the Xbox One and Playstation 4 – a lot of people went out of the convention thinking about something else.

The Oculus Rift amazed a lot of people with its capability of bringing virtual reality gaming in the most fashionable way. In fact, tons of people lined up at the Oculus VR’s booth just to try this future gaming platform.

Bringing virtual reality is definitely risky since there are a lot of factors to be considered first. The Virtual Boy made by Nintendo for example, is a clear proof that it’s difficult to bring virtual reality into gaming.

Nintendo suffered a huge loss, and made a clear example that VR in gaming is still hard to reach at that time. Since computer hardware capabilities have improved a lot after many years, there is no wonder why virtual reality is making a lot of hype nowadays.

You must have been a bit disappointed when Oculus Rift was sold to a social media company a few months ago. While this could bring virtual reality into something that could let us meet and connect with people, the gaming industry still has a few companies who dared to enter this different world of gaming platform.

GameFace Labs for example, was able to come up with a VR console that’s hardware and software independent. Unlike the Oculus Rift that requires a high-end computer to provide a virtual reality experience, the GameFace can actually operate on its own with the use of an Android-based operating system.

Since this mobile operating system has a lot of developers already, this VR console definitely has a chance in the future to provide its own games, along with hardware and software upgrades.

Another company that’s joining the race to VR video games is Avegant, with its Glyph headset funded by Kickstarter just a few months ago. Just like Oculus Rift, Avegant is expecting a lot of supporters that will start up the kit’s development into full speed.

Nowadays, people can really expect a nausea-free VR console that will let them have fun with the games they’ve never played before.


Thinking Outside the Box

Video games on VR consoles are probably going to be realized after a few more years. With more developers working on these gaming platforms, you’ll definitely spare some more time with a virtual reality environment along with the traditional unit-controller based consoles.

While the hype of VR gaming continues, other gaming platform companies are already thinking outside the box. The Omni-VR for example, is probably something that will change your gaming experience.

It’s a treadmill-like platform that is supposed to be used with a VR head console that will allow you to immerse your whole body into the game environment. Since it is hooked up with sensor and treadmill-like tracks, using it will have you “move” inside the game.

As a platform for gaming, this pushes the boundaries of the “virtual” content of video games. If this device pushes through, saying that video games are just for lousy couch potatoes won’t be appropriate anymore.

In addition, the Omni-VR is expected to develop more in the future with the improvements on sensory-based technologies often found in mobile phones and devices.


tf2-oculus rift


Tinkering the Human Brain – Sensory and Motor Skills

Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have always been in the competition for sensory devices. All of them have their “issues”, but Nintendo is the one that stood out with a more accurate and easy-to-use sensory device.

While all of these companies try to reach out to gamers in the physical aspect of gaming, others try another approach of getting into a person’s mind.

This is definitely something that you can see after 10 or 20 years, but the CEO of a neuro-engineering company called Emotiv thinks that there are already many things that are possible nowadays.

This is because of the improvements in many sectors of the gaming industry, like the monthly upgrades on hardware capabilities. The size and performance of processors for example, have improved dramatically through the years.

These days, mobile devices with smaller-sized processors already have the power to run a console or even a gaming PC. It’s easier nowadays for device makers to integrate smaller computer parts without compromising processing power.

The first NeuroGaming Conference and Expo was a huge success when it comes to this area of video gaming. There were many devices introduced in this event, mostly featuring sensory-type approaches to affect your gaming experience.

One head-console was actually able to read facial expressions, which might be pretty useful in online gaming and RPG video games. Imagine playing through a game and then, smiling to a particular character. You might receive a different reaction from an NPC if you were anxious or angry.

Some might say that the future of video games is still far in the distance, but it doesn’t really hurt if you imagine them to be realized sooner. With more inspiration coming from video games enthusiasts, game companies, along with their developers, might be pushed a little bit more into providing the most unique experience when it comes to gaming.

After a few more years, you might be enjoying a “Matrix-like” environment in video games.


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