The Iron Throne Deserves This Xbox One Game of Thrones Edition Console

A few months back, Xbox France unveiled the limited edition Stark Industries Xbox One. Now, they are back again with this very limited run (only 3 will be made) of this very intricately designed Xbox One, Game of Thrones edition.

Of course, the console hasn’t been made yet as the clip is just rendering of the console. But given the great work they did with the Iron Man-inspired Xbox One, expect this Game of Thrones edition to pack an equal amount of detailed workmanship as well.

However, if you thought that you can just waltz into Xbox France and purchase one, you’re out of luck. Similar to their previous campaign, the console will be part of a giveaway for Xbox France social channels. If you want any hope of getting this console, you’re going to have brush up on your French.

Source: Eurogamer

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