The Mental Benefits of Gaming You Never Knew About

So you’re a gamer, huh? You’ve probably received some flack for your love of all things RPG, first-person shooter and nostalgia. Luckily, we at Modernize are also fans of video games, and we’re here to expose a few surprising mental benefits of gaming that you might not know about. Pack your arsenal with knowledge points to fire back at those nay-sayers!

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Improved Vision

It used to be totally uncool to sit in front of the TV. Worried parents would warn their kids they would go blind, suffer eye strain or just turn into a couch potato. But research shows gaming can improve your vision, when done in moderation. According to National Geographic, “playing ‘action’ video games improves visual ability crucial for tasks like reading and driving at night.” The study highlights gamers’ ability to track multiple moving objects simultaneously, which can help prevent accidents when driving and increase your speed-reading skills. Level up!

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Expanded Social Network

Many kids and adults alike suffer from social anxiety, but online and MMO communities open new avenues for making friends. Gamers get a bad wrap and are often stereotyped as introverted, or even hermits, but that’s not always true! Multiplayer games increase socialization and teamwork skills, as each party works together to achieve a goal. Often, gamers develop deep bonds and eventually meet and become friends in person.

Mutual interest in gaming can also be a conversation starter in day-to-day life, and gamers may connect on the excitement of a new release. Co-workers might even get together for game nights, and teenagers find themselves more at home with people who have similar interests.

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Ability to Make Snappy Decisions

When you have a whole group of soldiers shooting at you from the front line, you only have a few seconds to make a decision in your game. This ability to analyze a situation and solve problems efficiently translates to gamers’ everyday lives. They have an increased ability to make split-second decisions, since they are forced to adapt quickly in-game. This skill can be crucial in life-saving situations, and it can be useful in the workplace as well.

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Alleviated Stress

We all have our ways of relaxing, from painting, to yoga, running, reading and even gaming! Texas A&M released a study in 2010 that showed “violent games reduce depression and hostile feelings in players through mood management.” So that hackneyed stereotype that violent games always create violent people is a myth! While studies have been performed on both sides of the argument, evidence is overwhelming that entertainment in the form of video games allows people to find an outlet for stress, hostile feelings and depressive thought patterns.

Next time someone tells you that video gaming is pointless, teach them a few things they didn’t know before!

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