The OnePlus 3 Will Go On Sale June 14 And No Invites Are Required

When the OnePlus One first arrived into the crowded smartphone market, they stood out from the rest of the pack by offering a premium smartphone that’s priced competitively.

OnePlus 3 Possible Leaks

They also stood out because of their ‘unorthodox’ method of sales which requires an invite for you to purchase a OnePlus One.

Now, with the OnePlus 3 set to release on June 13, the company behind the OnePlus has announced that the company’s latest flagship phone will be available for purchase without the invites. However, buying the OnePlus is still not that straightforward as you’ll need to visit their virtual reality shop called the “Loop” to purchase the phone.

Accessing the “Loop” requires users to have a Google Cardboard or similar VR headset to view properly and an app downloaded to actually access the VR shop. Thankfully, though, the entire sale of the OnePlus 3 won’t just be on the VR platform. Two hours after its launch on June 14, 12:30PM ET, the sales for the phone will move to the company’s site.

Pricing and availability have not been revealed yet but we’re sure that the OnePlus will sell out pretty quickly.

Source: VentureBeat