The PC Classic Mini Console Comes With DOS Games From The ’80s And ’90s

Unit-e has come up with the new PC Classic, a miniature DOS game console that is specially made for your TV.

With the PC Classic mini game console, it is a miniature console, just like the SNES, Playstation and Mega Drive Classics, but it plays DOS games from the’80s and’90s. The console will support gamepad, keyboard, and/or mouse, pre-configured, licensed, and it will be user friendly. Unit-e will start crowdfunding in late November/early December 2018, and the console is slated to launch in late Spring/early Summer 2019. The PC Classic will cost around $99.

The complete list of games have not been revealed by the company. However, the miniature console will include at least 30 games, along with the option for players to buy the games separately.