The post-apocalyptic Timberborn beavers can make water go up now

Giant beaver city builder Timberborn has its first big update out since an Early Access launch in September, and the city building game all about the cool cities beavers will build after we’re all dead has some neat new stuff going on.

In the big update launched just this week, Timberborn’s beavers got the power to make mechanical water pumps, big suckers designed to move large amounts of water vertically upwards. Previously a bit stuck on moving water horizontally or downwards, your beavers can now, with the right science, pump water to irrigate high places or make reservoirs atop mountain peaks. Perhaps even add a new waterfall to the world.

There’s a lot more new stuff in the full patch notes, such as: New buildings, like observatories, public pools, and hot mud baths. Mines for infinite metals, new crops and resources, chestnuts, et cetera.

Timberborn is a bit more chill than other survival city-builders, much more forgiving than a game like Banished, and stars giant intelligent beavers. It also stars water, and building dams, locks, sluices, and now pumps to affect the flow of water and ensure a supply during droughts is the cornerstone of gameplay. I quite love it for what it is.

It’s not really done, lacking what some might call “endgame content,” but there’s a fun builder in here if you’re the kind of player that loves to make pleasing-looking cities. “Nurturing the forests and rivers around you, instead of just endlessly consuming everything around you, gives merit to Timberborn’s wholesome presentation.


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