The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest 2021 has begun!

Join the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest starting October 21st at 10am Pacific! This celebration of tabletop-inspired games on Steam will feature hundreds of titles on discount through the 25th at 10am Pacific. Plus, this year’s event places a special focus on Role-Playing games, including three days of premiere streaming events hosted in partnership with Auroch Digital, October 22-24.


快来加入 10 月21 日上午 10 时(PT)开始的 Steam 数字桌面游戏节 吧! 自届时起直至 10 月 25 日上午 10 时(PT),这一专为以桌上游戏为灵感的 Steam 游戏而举办的庆典将有数百款作品打折促销! 此外,今年的活动还将特别聚焦角色扮演游戏,包括在 10 月 22 日 – 24 日(PT)期间,与 Auroch Digital 合作开展为期三天的首秀直播活动。


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Steam Wallet Codes




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