The Sweetest Kirby of All Time

The Sweetest Kirby of All Time

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is finally releasing on August 17. Get sent into a world full of oversized sweets and your goal is to eat as much as you can!


Source: Kirby’s Dream Buffet on Nintendo

Roll around and bump away other players to eat all of those sweet strawberries in the Battle Royale. Transform yourself into drill, stone or spike to counter others. Eat as much as you can and don’t worry about gaining weight because the more you gain, the closer you are to being the champion!

Get more rewards as you gain more victories. Get hats such as Whipped Cream, Burger, or even the Car-Mouth Cake. Besides the sweet touch on Kirby’s head, the body color can also be customized. Turn Kirby into my personal most favorite treat flavor, Mint Chocolate. You can also collect character treats to decorate your own cake!


Source: Kirby’s Dream Buffet on Nintendo

What’s more is that you can completely turn yourself into sweet treats with the Copy Food Ability. Different food contains different ability like a twisting tornado cupcake, smooth sliding jelly or a bouncy Hi-Jump spring.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is playable in Singleplayer, 2-player Local Co-op, 4-player Local Wireless Play and 4-player Online Play on Nintendo Switch.

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