The Universe Is You In Playstation 4’s Exploration Sim: Everything

Exploration Sims are all the rage right now and with the recently announced No Man’s Sky release date, now is a good time as ever for David Oreily to reveal his Playstation 4 exclusive exploration sim, Everything.

In Everything, players will be able to play as literally everything. The hook of Everything is that every single thing in the game is a playable character.

“If you can see it, you can be it” notes Oreily. “The game lets you see the entire universe from the point of view of the thousands of things in it. In other words, there is no distinction between you and the world, or between a level and a character. All these things experience and interact with the world differently.”

The announcement gave very little information on how the game will play and currently there’s no set release date for the game. However, Oreily’s game is quite ambitious as he went on to develop “an entirely new way to create and design levels,” with the help of Damien DiFede, his coder.

Expect Everything to launch exclusively to Playstation 4 in the future.

Source: Playstation Blog

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