The Year One Laurea Prima Emblem Is For The True Guardians

Destiny and the people at Bungie has announced a special little reward with the Laurea Prima Emblem, for all the veteran Guardians that signifies the hard work that they have put into Destiny. Of course, Bungie isn’t just giving away them away, Guardians needs to earn it!

Destiny Year One Laurea Prima Emblem

Guardians that want to get the one-time promotional emblem will have to accomplish a set of challenges called Moments of Triumph by September 9th, which is a week away from when Destiny: The Taken King will be released. The list of challenges that Guardians need to accomplish are:

– Apprentice of Light: Reached the Maximum Light Level

– Bane of Atheon: Defeated Atheon on Hard

– Bane of Crota: Defeated Crota on Hard

– Bane of Skolas: Defeated Prison Elders on Hard / Level 35 of Prison of Elders

– Chest Hunter: Find all Golden Chests

– Crucible Gladiator: Won 100 Crucible matches

– Light in the Garden: Defeated the Dark Heart of the Black Garden

– Light in the Dark: Prevented the summoning of Crota’s Soul

– Light in the Reef: Captured Skolas in the Citadel

– Public Servant: Completed 50 Public Events.

The list of challenges can seem overwhelming at first, but most hardcore Destiny players would’ve completed most, if not all, of the objective by now. If you’re one of those that have not done it or not sure if you did, you can check your progress with a handy tracker from Bungie here.

The challenges that most veteran Destiny Guardians would be missing are the Golden Chests, which most players chose to forego due to lackluster rewards, and Bane of Skolas, which is a Level 35 Prison of Elders that’s not exactly a walk in the park. Guardians can look to LFGs sites for help and online guides to finish off these two pesky challenges.

Guardians that have completed all the challenges “shall be rewarded” when Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15th.

Source: Destiny Has A Cool Little Reward For Its Most Dedicated Players

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