There are Better Ways to Monetize Your Games

You’re an independent or small game developer that is tired of monetizing your games through banner ads and videos – it’s annoying to the user. Even if you have all of the traditional monetization methods in place, you may not be making enough money to stay afloat.

Many game developers are struggling to keep up with demands while making money.

Going to a major portal, such as Steam, means you’re giving away a huge portion of your revenue. Steam takes a 30% cut of all the profits for every game sold on their platform. As a game developer, getting just 70% of the cut means you either have to price your game higher or find new methods of monetization.

Yes, mainstream methods still work.

You can sell:

  • DLCs
  • Merchandise
  • Sponsorships
  • Ad space
  • Data
  • Limitation removals

These methods should all be part of your monetization. It’s all about finding what works best for your current user base and trying to stay afloat while your game gains popularity.

We’re not here today to tell you about methods you already know and utilize. You’ve done all of the normal monetization by now (hopefully) and are looking for ways that can help you profit further.

offgamers dtu

OffGamers Monetization

OffGamers provides a variety of ways that you can make money from your game. The first method is through offering virtual currency for sale to your customers. This is done right on the company’s website and works through your current API system.

If you don’t have a payment API, don’t worry – there are other methods of monetization available.

But, for now, let’s delve deeper into the possibility of making money through your payment API. The idea is simple – sell your currency to a larger audience. Using OffGamers, the company will act as a third-party where gamers can “top-up” their currency.

Essentially, players will be buying your currency.

OffGamers connects directly through your API so that the user’s account is credited automatically and will register the purchase directly on your servers. It’s a seamless way to make more money without having to annoy users with more ads.

You’re probably wondering: what content publishers use this service? Dozens and dozens. Just take a look at the list of current publishers using OffGamers to make money.

various payments

Payment Methods

OffGamers offers payment through:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Credit Card
  • MoneyGram
  • Wire Transfers
  • Skrill

These are just the most popular payment channels available. Opening the doors to over 200 different payment methods, gamers can choose to pay for your in-game currency any way that they see fit.

offgamers layout

Why Use OffGamers?

Buying currency isn’t allowed in all games, and handling payments from a variety of different sources can be difficult for a small developer. Providing a unique feature that can be added right into your game, OffGamers works seamlessly with your current code and is a trusted name in the industry.

You’ll also benefit from the additional exposure of customers that already use OffGamers.

The benefits don’t just stop here. Through a partnership, you will both profit. Game promotion is the hardest part for a developer that would rather bury himself in coding than try to promote their game to an audience.

OffGamers places your game’s ad into their slider banner, and will promote it on the company’s own blogs for increased exposure.

Proposing to sell your in-game currency or points through OffGamer’s payment API makes sense for a lot of developers. Ultimately, it allows for a new way to monetize your game while reaching a much wider audience.

Not every game is allowed on the OffGamers portal, and you’ll need to inquire about a partnership with the company. The right form of contact is:

Contact via email or phone is the best option and will allow you to get your game on faster.

Many game developers are already using the service to increase their revenue. One good example of a developer prospering thanks to OffGamers is: Gamernizer. The company has several games which all utilize the “top-up” feature to make more money.

Utilizing All Methods of Monetization

OffGamers is a highly recommended method of monetization, but it’s not the only option, as you already know. You can still use OffGamers in conjunction with other monetization options to push every last cent out of your user base and hopefully, put excess money into future game development.

A few of the best methods to monetize a game further include:

  • DLCs: One of the most popular monetization methods. Selling content that makes the game more expansive or fun is a great option for developers. Even developers that give their games away for free often sell DLCs.
  • Game Portals: We mentioned Steam previously, and while the company does take a decent chunk of the profit, the exposure leads to major sales. Adding your game to various game portals is a worthwhile endeavor, especially for smaller, independent developers.
  • Advertisements: There are several advertisements that can be placed in games or on websites to make money. Banner ads are a popular choice as well as interstitial ads that are shown between levels. While this will provide a boost to your income, ads can be intrusive and turn players away.
  • Limitation Removal: There are always limitations within a game that can be sold. The ads we just talked about could be removed for $0.99, or certain energy or life boosts can be granted.

When you add the “top-up” option, you’ll also be able to leverage the in-game economy, which accounts for 50% of game revenue. This is the option to buy an in-game currency that is otherwise accumulated slowly over time to have an advantage over the competition.

If you don’t want a pay-to-win game, you can also have this currency enhance aesthetics, such as provide new gear to a player, but not add any special abilities as a result.

With most games having an in-game currency, it only makes sense to sell this currency yourself. It will put an end to currency farming, and allow you to make a profit in the process.


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