These Are Your Lineup Of Free Games For August’s PlayStation Plus

It’s that time again. The time when PlayStation users get a bundle of free games from Sony as part of the PlayStation Plus’ monthly free games.

This month features an eclectic cast of games ranging from being a space pirate to a Japanese mob, to even being a magician with the need to stack blocks. Check out the games that are coming for August’s PlayStation Plus free games.

For PlayStation 4 owners, they will be getting two games with Rebel Galaxy and Tricky Towers. Rebel Galaxy, from Double Damage, is a “space combat RPG” where you “take the helm of a massive destroyer” while taking on jobs as a work-for-hire mercenary or a space pirate in procedurally generated universe. Tricky Towers by WeirdBeard Games is a physics-based puzzler that lets you compete against friends in a fast, fun, and addictive puzzle gameplay.

PlayStation 3 owners will get Yakuza 5, an open-world action game that was released for Western audiences last December. Retro/Grade is a music-based time-traveling reverse shooter by developers 24 Caret Games. Rounding up the free games are Ultratron and Patapon 3 for PlayStation Vita.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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