These Smart Sneakers Takes Playing Pokemon Go To Another Level

While Pokémon GO Plus is a great accessory to be had for every budding Pokémon trainer, these smart sneakers by Vixole takes playing the augmented reality game to another level.

The New York-based start-up is currently working on the smart sneakers that come with embedded LED displays and sensors. Vixole smart sneakers are still concept phase but the company saw an opportunity with the release of Pokémon GO and created a nifty video that shows how its smart sneakers can integrate with Nintendo’s augmented reality app.

Vixole states that the smart sneakers can be controlled by a mobile that lets you control what images that appears on it LED display, located at the back of the shoes.

The shoes also have embedded sensors that can deliver notifications that relate to locations, as well other app functions. Given how Pokémon GO’s system is based on geo-locations to catch Pokémon, it’s obvious how Vixole smart shoes can capitalise on the game’s popularity.

Plans to launch a Kickstarter page is currently in the works for Vixole. For more information and updates, head over to their site here.

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Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS on selected regions.

Source: Vixole

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