Things to Be Aware Of When You Play God of War PC

Things to Be Aware Of When You Play God of War PC


Bringing God of War (2018) to PCs was a brilliant move from SONY. The game has since been receiving favourable reviews with many commenting on the game living up to PC standards in terms of graphics with DLSS and FSR support.

Even so, God of War (2018) does not only shine in the visual department but is also stellar in its gameplay design. Straying from its usual arcade-ish hack-and-slash genre, the latest God of War implements a more modern approach with the use of a third-person camera and a pseudo-open-world universe.

This could be a problem for even seasoned God of War players as they have never experienced a God of War game being played like that.

Therefore, it is always good to have some knowledge in your back pocket before jumping straight into the game as the adventures in Midgard might not be pleasant for first-timers.

Here are some things that you should take note of to make your gameplay experience better.


Parrying God of War PC


Master the Art of Parrying


The best defence is a good offence. God of War (2018) introduced a new parry mechanic and it is one of the best combat abilities Kratos has in his arsenal.

A parry is not your usual block where you stop incoming attacks. Parry can be defined as a ‘perfect’ block that will stun opponents when you pull a parry off.

That said, parrying requires precise timing and different enemies have their own unique base attack time. This means that you would have to adapt and get used to the opponents’ attacks for you to parry them efficiently.

It is perfectly fine to die or lose in combat as you would probably need to do a trial-and-error attempt when you are facing a brand new enemy to understand its moveset and movements.

Fortunately, God of War (2018) has checkpoints before the battle starts, so when you fall, you will not need to restart from your previous save file.


Axe Throw God of War PC


Make Good use of Leviathan Axe’s Ranged Attack


While this might sound cheap or cheesy, if you are playing in a higher difficulty, the Leviathan Axe’s ranged attack is your best friend.

To use this method to its full potential, you will need a good understanding of spacing. Always remember to keep your distance and gauge how long it would take for your enemy to approach you before you can throw your axe.

Also remember that if you successfully throw the axe at the enemy, they will be frozen for some time. Use this to your advantage to kite strong enemies. Once they are frozen, you can close the distance and finish them off.

Besides that, using the Leviathan Axes ranged option is also great for hitting projectile-based enemies when they are located at the higher ground.

If possible, try to take them out first as these ranged enemies can be extremely annoying if the fight were to be dragged out.


Axe Skills God of War PC


Always Remember to Enhance and Upgrade your Axe When You Can


Players can flex their innate reflex and game-sensing abilities but with a subpar Leviathan Axe, they probably still wouldn’t go far.

Try to make it a habit to always check whether there are available upgrades to the Leviathan Axe as its new abilities can certainly help you edge out your enemies in tricky situations.

Upgrades that you definitely want to unlock are:


Grinding Storm

Kratos swings the Leviathan Axe that hits multiple enemies and locks them down. Its Runic upgrade will add additional Frost Damage on hit.


Leviathan’s Fury

While sprinting, and if the player presses R2, Kratos will perform a powerful leaping attack. Its Runic upgrade will add Frost Damage on impact.


Glacial Permafrost

For every successful hit with the Leviathan Axe, the number of Permafrost increases. There is no Runic upgrade for this, but its basic upgrade is already very strong as it requires extremely low execution to bring out the best of this upgrade.


Note that these upgrades require you to spend some XP points and for the bonus extensions you will need to use your collected Runics to get the bonuses.


Atreus Help God of War PC


Atreus is Amazing for Distraction


It is very easy for players to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies in certain maps. Yes, Kratos is godlike strong, but the creatures from Midgard can still make work for the god-killing Spartan.

Unlike the previous instalments, this time around, Kratos has company throughout his travels. His son, Atreus, might look frail and weak but is actually very helpful in tight-awkward situations.

Atreus is practically immortal and will not die to enemy attacks so it’s ok to be a bad father during combat where you allow Atreus to soak up damage. Plus, his arrow attacks can even stun enemies which can potentially come in clutch during dire moments.

That said, be sure to take note of the cooldown as you want to use Atreus sharpshooting abilities only when you want to cancel enemies’ attacks or when you are in the midst of attacking to check other enemies from cancelling your stride.


Difficulty Levels God of War PC


Understanding the Difficulty Levels


There are essentially 4 difficulty levels for God of War (2018) and each of them is vastly different in many aspects and will most likely have an impact on your God of War experience.


The levels are:


Give Me a Story- Easy Mode

As the title suggests, if you want to just experience the story itself, you should choose this option. Enemies are significantly weaker and you can get by without extensive planning.


Give Me A Balanced Experience- Medium Mode

This is the classic God of War experience where you fight your enemies on equal footing. Battles are notably more difficult here compared to Give Me a Story mode. Recommended if you want an optimal God of War playthrough.



Give Me a Challenge- Hard Mode

This is where it starts hurting. The Give Me a Challenge mode significantly beefs up the enemies health points requiring you to land more hits for them to go down.

This mode will need you to understand the enemies’ movesets and requires you to min-max Kratos’ build.

This mode is recommended for NG+.


Give Me God of War- Expert Mode

If you’re generally bad at games or just want to have a casual experience, you probably should avoid this mode.

This mode can even challenge the likes of the Soul-series, Blasphemous and Hollow Knight. It’s extremely punishing where you would probably need to take a whole chunk of time just to get past the first area.

This mode will still be super difficult for an NG+.


Interested in a trip to Midgard? Do so as Kratos with God of War (2018), available now on Steam. And if you need to top up your Steam Wallet, you can purchase some Steam Wallet Codes here.






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