Things to Look Forward from the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Things to Look Forward from the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic affected a lot of industries and the video game industry took a particularly big hit with many of its major game releases being pushed back or delayed.

That said, we can see that there are signs of recovery with the latest one being the Xbox showcase that has introduced a wide variety of game announcements.

While there’s a lot to digest in this huge showcase, we’ve picked a few that have caught our eye. Here are some of the announcements we think can potentially set the standard or make huge waves in the following months.


Riot Games Xbox Showcase 2022


Riot Games are Coming to Xbox


One of the most annoying things about MOBAs is the fact that many characters are hidden behind a paywall. For many of us, paying to unlock a single character might not be cost-efficient which ultimately results in players not being able to try out these characters.

It’s now a different story if you are a subscriber of Xbox’s Game Pass though. If you are subscribed to the Game Pass, you will get the fully unlocked roster of these games:


League of Legends


League of Legends: Wild Rift


Other Riot titles that will benefit from the Game Pass are Legends of Runeterra where the Foundation Set will be available for pass subscribers and Teamfight Tactics players will also get tier one Little Legend avatars.

Honestly, we would really recommend getting the Game Pass if you are a frequent player of these games because you will also get the side benefit of playing some other awesome games outside of Riot. Food for thought indeed.


Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Showcase 2022


Microsoft Flight Simulator Anniversary Update and Partnership


The Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the longest-standing series in video game history and ‘till today it’s still getting updates! With its 40th anniversary, Microsoft will be giving its players a special update that includes past airports and planes from previous versions.

This is a great update and a blast from the past where players from the current generation will get to enjoy game content from before they were born.

And that’s not all, this update will also feature the Halo Infinite Pelican plane, exclusively for Game Pass subscribers as part of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s partnership with Halo and 343 Industries.


Overwatch 2 Xbox Showcase 2022


Early Access for Overwatch 2


FPS games like Valorant and Apex Legends have been taking the shooting genre by storm and it is sad to see that Overwatch is lagging behind. We can sit here and argue about its flaws but we prefer to look on the bright side, and that shining ray of light is the much-anticipated Overwatch 2!

We’ve heard the rumours and on the 4th of October 2022, we will be able to try our hand at this brand new version of Overwatch! Overwatch 2 will also feature a new hero called Junker Queen who hails from Australia. Needless to say, she’s awesomely designed and we’re all super excited at what she has to offer.

Speaking of designs, the teaser trailer for Overwatch 2 teased that several existing heroes have been redesigned to look more mature and developed. There’s no news yet as to whether there will also be gameplay changes for these heroes but it would be interesting if they could rework some heroes.

Either way, these additions and changes might just be what the Overwatch franchise needs to reignite the fans into seeing how awesome this game actually is. We’re sure it would make a case for potentially being one of the best multiplayer games for the Xbox.


Persona Games Xbox Showcase 2022


 Multiple Persona Games are Coming to Xbox and PC


The Persona games are some of the best JRPGs out there and the infuriating thing is that most of them are only available on the PlayStation consoles.

Following Persona 4 Golden’s overwhelming success on PC, it was only a matter of time before the other Persona titles would make their way outside the PS consoles. This time, not only are they coming to PCs but also for the Xbox consoles as well!

The Persona titles coming to both PC and Xbox are:


Persona 3 Portable

Persona 4 Golden (PC version is already available on Steam)

Persona 5 Royal


Hopefully, these ports are signs of more games from Atlus like Revelations: Persona and Persona 2: Innocent Sin to be ported for different gaming platforms. As they are all such amazing games and it will be a shame to see them stuck within the PlayStation consoles only.


Hollow Knight Silksong Xbox Showcase


Hollow Knight’s Sequel: Hollow Knight Silksong


Generally, the Metroidvania genre is often well received by gamers as they offer both stunning art and challenging gameplay. Even by those standards, Hollow Knight stands out amongst other Metroidvania due to its astounding atmosphere and its simple-to-learn and hard-to-master gameplay.

After numerous DLCs, it is safe to say that the original Hollow Knight has reached the end of its life cycle. Don’t get us wrong, the game itself has an insane replayability value but many players have already scrapped the end of the barrel in terms of the game’s content.

Lucky for us, a sequel is being planned and is set to be released in 2023 called Hollow Knight: Silksong. This time around, you will be playing as the sister of the first game’s protagonist where you will be taking on over 165 new enemies in the insect kingdom. Yes, we will probably spend hours and hours trying to decipher each of these enemies’ attack patterns and constant death is definitely on the menu.

So, if you are looking forward to playing Silksong, we highly recommend you first play Hollow Knight to get a good understanding of how the game works and how the story goes.


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Xbox Showcase 2022


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


The Three Kingdoms story has countless media portrayals and Koei has been the frontrunner for it with the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Unfortunately, its latest title, Dynasty Warriors 9 hasn’t lived up to the hype and fans of the Three Kingdoms are begging for a new game based on their favourite legend.

Well, the fans’ calls have been answered. During the announcement, we were treated with a trailer for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, where we can see it is a more adult-like take on the Three Kingdoms story and we’re expecting it to be more complex in terms of storyline and gameplay.

From the trailer alone, we can see that it has striking similarities with the Nioh games—which are also underrated gems from Koei—from its art direction and fantasy elements.

Needless to say, we’re totally on board with the idea of a gruesome rendition of the Three Kingdoms era and we’re extremely excited at what Koei has in store for us early next year!


The Last Case of Benedict Fox Xbox Showcase 2022


A Potential Indie Masterclass: The Last Case of Benedict Fox


Usually, these huge gaming events and announcements are held to introduce big AAA games and indie developers are often overlooked with their own game releases.

This is probably the case for The Last Case of Benedict Fox which we have really high expectations of. Its premise is super interesting and its gorgeous depiction of the void and the human psyche is one to look out for.

Its gameplay is similar to any Metroidvania but rarely do we see the genre being depicted in an investigative setting. The Burton-esque art style and edgy themes might be a niche attraction but it’s very original and something that we would love to see succeed.


And that about sums up all that we’ve found interesting about the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase. If these games have got your pulses going, be sure to purchase our Xbox Game Pass here!