Things We DON’T Want to See in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

We are only a month or so away from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and with so much content already teased, our expectations are at an all-time high.

Of course, we do understand the need to manage our expectations but we’re just so psyched for a new Pokemon game! With that being said, Pokemon games aren’t flawless. Sometimes, we would want certain parts of the game to be removed from the game—or at least changed.

So, before the game launches early next month, here are some of the things we wish we won’t see in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

HM Moves



HM Moves


We think we all have a love-hate relationship with Hidden Machines (HM) in the Pokemon games. To be fair, we can see why it was implemented but honestly, HM moves really didn’t stand the test of time.

The main reason behind this is that many of these moves take up a move slot from a Pokemon and these moves are generally not very good. For instance, who is going to use the move Cut during the later stages of the game?

In the end, what happens is that players will have a sacrificial Pokemon called the ‘HM Slave’ which they will chuck the HMs onto.

Fortunately, the newer Pokemon games have remedied this by using concepts such as Pokemon Pagers to access certain areas. We hope that they maintain this as we really don’t want to see Flash being an HM again.


Catching Tutorial


Mandatory Tutorials


We know it is kind of an elitist thing to say but Pokemon has been around for more than a decade. We’re pretty sure that most players would know how to catch a wild Pokemon.

That said, we’re not suggesting a complete removal of the tutorial because we do believe that there will be newcomers to the franchise. Instead, what they can try to do is to at least make the tutorial optional in the Settings so veterans would not have to go through them again.

Aside from that, the catching tutorial can also be totally reworked to make it less stale. We recommend perhaps having it in a form of a challenge where a reward will be provided.


Triple Battles and Rotation Battles


Triple and Rotation Battles


This might be a hot take for many but Triple and Rotation just did not work. We get where the developers are coming from when they added these battles, but they just felt too clunky.

Understandably, we know that the game is trying to provide us with a new form of variety when it comes to Pokemon battles. Honestly, Double Battles are perfectly fine. They are balanced, require strategy and are also an official format in competitive competitions.

So, what they could do is have more Double Battles in the vanilla game and introduce more moves that are designed for these battles.


Exp Share


Non-toggleable EXP Share


Don’t get us wrong, we believe that the change to the EXP Share item is a good thing as it discourages excessive grinding and allows less popular Pokemon to be more viable. That said, sometimes, veterans of the game would want a more classic experience. This means the shared experience obtained will only affect one Pokemon only.

One way to go around this is to make the EXP Share toggleable again. This will give veterans to chance to challenge themselves in a more competitive environment. It is because their team will most likely be underlevelled, they would then need to figure out unique ways to beat certain AIs that have been improved over the tears.

And with that, we finally close the curtains to the things we hope to be removed or at least reworked for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. Also, these games are now available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop so if you need to add funds to your account, be sure to top-up with our Nintendo eShop gift cards here!