Things We Want to See In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Things We Want to See In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Pokemon Day is easily one of the most anticipated events for Pokemon lovers out there. For the announcement, there is always a teaser for a new game that will get us super hyped, and we weren’t disappointed this time around!

Towards the end of the announcement, we were treated with an announcement trailer that is basically a sneak peek of the Generation 9 series.

Although there is still much speculation on what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be all about, we are still keeping our expectations up because Nintendo rarely disappoints when it comes to the main Pokemon games.

That said, here are some things we definitely hope will be included in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Pokemon Starters Type


The Usage of Unused Typings for the Starters


Of course, we know for a fact that the starters will be Grass, Fire and Water type, which is the tradition of all mainline Pokemon games. However, it is a different story when they evolve and sometimes gain secondary typing.

For instance, the iconic Charmander gains a Flying typing once it is fully evolved into Charizard. One of the more unique typing would be the Rowlet evolutionary line, as it evolves into its final stage, Decidueye will gain a Ghost typing which is a first for the starter Pokemons.

Hence, it would be great if Game Freak could give the Scarlet and Violet starters a second typing that was never used.

For example, the Bug typing is easily the most underrated type in the game and deserves some love. We can see it fits perfectly well with Fuecoco—we have already seen how awesome Volcarona is and a Fire/Bug typing is scorching hot!

Of course, we don’t want the other starters Sprigatito and Quaxly to miss out on the fun. For the adorable greenish cat, maybe an Electric typing on its later stages might give it an extra zest, whereas the Quaxly line can grace the new region with an Ice typing.


Better Villain


A More Developed and Ambitious Villain


The Unova region, which sets the place for Pokemon Black and White and its sequel, is famously known for its devious villain in Ghetsis and amazing writing for the anti-villain N. Trust us, if you haven’t played the Unova games, it’s definitely worth the try, just because for their villains.

Unfortunately, we have to say the later installments are pretty underwhelming and while they did have a clear goal on what they wanted to accomplish, their motives were not as powerful as Team Magma and Aqua’s goal in changing the entire environmental landscape.

Hopefully, with Scarlet and Violet, we will get to witness the birth of new and powerful antagonists or an evil organisation that will have memorable members like Team Plasma’s Mars and Jupiter.


Catching Pokemon Legends Arceus


Bring Gameplay Elements from Pokemon Legends: Arceus


We understand that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a spin-off game and has its own unique playstyle and mechanics. Still, we do hope that some gameplay will make its way in Scarlet and Violet.

The real-time Pokemon catching mechanic is one of the most enjoyable parts of Pokemon Legends and seeing it return to the traditional games would be great. We recommend the ball-throwing gameplay be available in Wild Areas (if they are still present) as the said place is much more spacious and allows more mobility for its players.

The crafting mechanics can also be brought over where it would be awesome if we could make our own Poke Balls or Battle Items when we are away from towns.

And Game Freak should not stop with our recommendations only as the Wild Area is known for its pseudo-open-world style and we can see many other Pokemon Legends elements being added into the area.

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Pokemon Moves Animation


A New Typing and Updated Move Animations


The Fairy type was the latest addition to the Pokemon typing and this was all the way back to the X and Y games in 2013. Since then, there were no new typings added.

We think all of us Pokemon fans deserve a new type that will perhaps serve as a counter to both the overpowered Steel and Fairy typings.

Besides a new type addition, we would also want to see existing moves having different animations and from what we have seen from Pokemon Legends, we trust that Game Freak has definitely got the capabilities in making the animations slicker and cooler.

Plus, most new Pokemon games will also be accompanied by a set of new moves which we hope will also come hand-in-hand with amazing visuals as well.


While we understand that these are hopes and expectations and there’s still a long way until the game is officially released, we do hope that some of our voices are heard somehow.