Things You Need To Know Before Cyberpunk 2077’s Release

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the year’s most anticipated games. Players have been waiting years for the release, and it’s right around the corner (November 19, 2020). There may be yet another delay, but no one wants that.

It’s the perfect time to buy an Xbox Live Gift Card, as there will be a release of Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Stadia.

If you haven’t been paying attention, this game is going to rival any game developed in 2020. CD Projekt Red has hyped the game up and this 25 minutes of raw unedited gameplay footage for Cyberpunk 2077 revealed just how awesome this game is going to be.

Introduction of Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk main

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world action adventure game that has gone gold. In the gaming industry, this doesn’t mean that a huge amount of sales has been made. Instead, gold means that the release version of the game is ready and complete. Physical copy production is already underway.

Back to the fun aspects of the game.

Players will enjoy an array of action-packed gameplay, with single and multiplayer modes available. The game features you playing as V, a mercenary who will play in the futuristic Night City.

The massive open world city is beautiful in depth and style.

V has to navigate a world that’s filled with power, glamor and of course – crazy weaponry. Your task is to find the key to immortality, and it’s going to be a fight like you’ve never experienced before.

And you’ll also be able to customize your character throughout the game, including:

  • Cyberware
  • Skillset
  • Playstyle

As you progress through the city, all of your actions will have an impact on the world around you. Since your decisions are literally shaping the world, you’ll find a lot of replay opportunities in the game.


character creation

Players that buy Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox will enter Night City with V, which most people not keeping up with the game will assume is like any other main character: static, boring, limited – not much to the main character.

But this would be 100% wrong, which I’m very happy to report.

Instead, you’re going to be able to experiment with a lot of different looks. You’re able to make the main character your own, so there’s no limitations in that aspect. The customization is very versatile, but it will take some form of a learning curve to get going.


Building Your Story

street kid

When players first start the game, they’ll notice that the story isn’t set in stone. You’re able to choose between three different storylines that talk about your past. The stories that you can pick from are:

  • Corpo
  • Street Kid
  • Nomad

Every story has its own introductory mission, but once you’re through these initial parts, little is different between the rest of the game. Subtle differences will be present, but you won’t be left regretting not choosing a different backstory.




Once you’ve chosen your backstory, you’ll be thrown into the character customization engine, which is one of the most impressive that I’ve ever experienced. You’ll be able to customize a lot of common features that you find in many games:

  • Hairstyle
  • Skin color
  • Hair color

Not too exciting – right? Well, you’ll then have the option to change your facial hair color, eyebrow color and lipstick (if you want). Add in some eye makeup and cheek makeup, too. Move on to your nails – seriously – and even choose length and color.

Think that’s all?

You’re in for a lot of choices because now you’ll be picking different options, from fitness level to the age of the character, which also changes how they look. Body modification is added as well as choosing if you’re muscular or heavy – or anything in-between.

And let’s not forget that you’ll be able to alter the voice of you character.

Are you a male or female? No one knows. You’re even able to pick your genitalia, or you can choose to not have any genitalia.



perk tree

V doesn’t start out at full power, so you’ll need to level and progress throughout the game with fun missions that help you gain experience. Higher levels unlock harder missions and the ability to take on harder enemies.

When you level up, you’ll be granted an attribute point.

These points can be placed in one of five stat categories:

  1. Body
  2. Cool
  3. Intelligence
  4. Reflex
  5. Technical ability

A lot of these stats are self-explanatory, except for technical ability and cool. You can hack in the game, so the technical ability boosts your ability in hacking. Cool is actually extremely important because it allows you to upgrade a few options, including your stealth and critical damage.

You’ll need to determine which of these stats are best for your character and playstyle.

Stealth is a fun playstyle because you can sneak up on people in Cyberpunk 2077 and knock them out. The more times you go into stealth and perform a knockout or other action, you’ll improve your stealth ability.

Over time, your game style will start to improve as you hone some skills and abandon others.

Skills are tied to 20 – 30 different perks, so now customization is going to improve and really make your character unique. Passive upgrades are most common and will increase your combat.

If you want to stay far away from a target and aren’t interested in stealth combat, enter the rifle tree and boost your damage. Perk points allow you to increase your perks over time. Spend points to unlock advanced perk trees.

You’ll start the game with one or two perk points, but you will need to increase some skills to continue advancing through your perks.


Street Cred and Cyberware


Finally, you’ll also have to work on your street cred and cyberware. High street cred will score you discounts on vendor prices. No one wants to pay full price, so street cred is going to be a main focus.

And as you continue completing missions in Cyberpunk 2077, your cred will improve.

The good news is that your cred will never go down, so you don’t need to be concerned that your less-than-moral actions will damage your cred. The cred that you gain will also allow you to purchase advanced weapons.

Characters aren’t limited to weapon types and you can pick them up throughout the game. But when you go into stores and want a vendor to sell you a powerful weapon, you’re going to need some street cred to sweeten the deal.

I actually want you to read about how Cyberpunk 2077 revealed new weapons of carnage. You’ll find a lot of information about the weapon system and what cool items are added to the game.

Cyberware is also available when you have the highest level of street cred. These are items that add to your character progression and can add new abilities to your arsenal of skills. You’ll install these pieces all over your body to enjoy an upgrade or new skill.

One piece, for example, is able to help you double jump.

You won’t be able to start buying any cyberware when you first start the game, so just go around, explore and enjoy some missions along the way. The great thing about cyberware is that it allows you to pick a less than optimal “build” for your character and sort of make up for these choices with these upgrades.


What class do you plan on playing? There are three main classes that will further define your character and how you play. The three main classes are:




Solo is essentially your tough warrior that is known for working for the highest bidder. A solo will move up from a thug to a mercenary that is deadly and uses stealth to their advantage. Mega corporations are the ones that will hire you to perform contract kills.

If you like the Terminator, you’ll want to be a solo.

Strong and versatile, you’ll destroy enemies and have a mean disposition. Punch someone in the face if they get too close, break door locks and barge into a room, or jump on a gun turret as you obliterate the competition.

If you want to be destructive and power your way through Night City, playing solo is your best option. You’ll also enjoy Combat Sense as your unique ability where you can scan the area for any trouble before it happens.




Want to avoid the gun-toting life and hack your way to success? Netrunner is the class for you. Instead of using might, you’ll use your mind to takeover cyberware and digital devices that you can use in combat.

Hack into turrets, or if you want to be destructive and a little cruel, hack into prosthetic limbs and cause a person to kill themselves in the process.

There’s not a lot known about this class right now. It’s expected that you can bypass security systems and maybe even hack into autos, too. The possibilities are nearly endless, so you’ll have a lot of fun with this hands-on class that may sit behind a desk but is as deadly as a solo at the advanced levels.




A techie is a support class which is more like an engineer than anything else. While this class isn’t like a netrunner, they’re also not like a solo that jumps into a fight before anyone else can even react.

The techie is able to:

  • Craft weapons
  • Craft different tech

You’ll also have Flathead at your disposal, which is a helper bot that can help you deal with foes. You’re a mechanic, fixer and doctor that is responsible for fixing up metal and meat. This should be an interesting class to learn more about when the game is released, and people begin really exploring Night City.

While there are 9 reasons why you should buy an Xbox Live Gift Card online, the best reason today is that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out soon. You’ll be blown away by the lore and history in the game.

Lore and History


Cyberpunk 2077’s world is filled with lore and history that really immerses you into the game. It’s going to be a lot of fun, so I won’t give away all of the intricate details because it’s an epic journey that you need to experience on your own.

The world is very similar to our own until the 1990s when war rained down on the world and a cartel unleashed a nuclear device on New York. A global collapse in 1994 led to disarray in the world, with the US going into chaos.

Gangs grew in power, and corporations had to use their resources to control the country through any means possible. A lot of these corporations are vying to hire you to bring order to the streets.

Implants were added to the world to enhance people’s natural abilities, leading to half-human and part almost machine-like entities.

Night City was started by corporations and was eventually abandoned by them in around 2005 when a massive battle erupted, and gangs started to take control. Inter-gang violence erupted, and a massive clash continued.

Megacorporations, as they’re called in the game, still maintain outposts in the city due to their interests in many of the city’s revenue streams.

Players will find a lot of these entities throughout Night City:

  • AgriCorps
  • ArmaCorps
  • BioCorps
  • CyberCorps
  • ManuCorps
  • MediaCorps

Gangs roam the city at night bringing chaos to the world. The Animals are a prime example of a gang that is known to be ruthless. Multiple gangs will take focus throughout the game. The events in the game are fun, well-written and are going to create an open world that offers intense gameplay.

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If you want to learn more about Cyberpunk 2077, we recommend that you check out game reviews and watch streamers. The gaming community is robust and has a lot of buzz around this game.