Things You Need To Know Before You Start Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Since Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has been released globally, so here’s some information to share for the beginners before they start playing the game.

What is Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a free-to-play MMORPG that was developed by Netmarble, a prominent South Korean mobile game developer. Although it is a free-to-play game, but there will also be some microtransactions available to allow the players can buy currency to summon familiars and items, which the gameplay format is alike to Genshin Impact.


When is the game launch?
Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is officially launched on 25 May 2022 globally, meanwhile the developer of Ni no Kuni had mentioned that the game had released previously in Japan, Korea and Taiwan on 10 June 2021.


What Platform is it available for?
Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds will be launching for PC (Windows), iOS, and Android. You can also join the dedicated Discord.

Players will need the following specifications:

  • Andrioid: OS version 8.0 or later, Galaxy S9 (4GB)
  • Apple: OS version 12 or higher, iphone XS (4GB)
  • PC: Windows OS, Size/Free Space: 10 GB


Netmarble has confirmed that the game is available for cross-play and the user can be also link their account to the PC so that they can play on the different platforms neither phone or PC.

Do I need to play the previous games before Cross: Worlds?
Of course not! Even though Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is set after the events of Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, as it features the city of Evermore – the kingdom of user found as King Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum during the second game. As a matter of fact, the king of Evermore in Cross Worlds is a descendant of Evan.

Yet, even it is a sequel chronologically, Cross Worlds is an isolated adventure, hence the user don’t have to worry about the plots or events of the previous games.


All Characters On Your Account Share A Name, Inventory, And More

The player can have one of each class or character type per account, but all of them will share the same player name as this is tied to the account and not the character.

Furthermore, all characters share the same inventory, currency, and familiar information, though outfits, and weapons can only be equipped by certain classes. While limited information is shared between the characters, story progress is not, so the user will have to play through quests again on a few character.

If the user want to change the name or character appearance later, then they need to fork out for an Appearance Change Ticket or Player Name Change Ticket, both of them required 300 Diamonds each and it is limited to one a month per account.

It is worth that if the player owns more than one character as their codex completion is shared between all of them, so the player needs to dabble with other classes to get their items in the codex.


Manual Vs Auto Quest-Completion And Battle

The player will notice soon that clicking on a quest on the top left of the screen will cause the character to go running off and complete by itself. Auto-Battle is also enabled by default, meaning that from the get-go, the character will do all the running back and forth and errands without much input from the player, however the player might still need to click through cutscenes.

If the player prefer a traditional approach, avoid clicking the quests to enable the auto-complete (or click them again to stop them from auto-completing if they’re already in progress), so can manually run to the objectives. The player is still able to see where they need to go by opening up the map.

The player is allow to disable the Auto-Battle options in the main menu settings, under the ‘Game’ tab and click the sword icon on the bottom of your screen to switch between manual,  Auto, and Semi Auto-Battle options, as shown below.

You can also toggle the Continuous Quest Progress option just under the quest list on the top left of your screen, which allows your character to continue completing errands and conquest missions in succession if you have more than one on your to-do list.


Concentrate On Smashing Through Main Missions First

The game will slowly introduce the player to different features and mechanics as part of the main missions, so just focus on going through these and unlocking everything compare to getting sidetracked with exploring at first. The player will want to unlock Kingdoms, mounts, and dungeons immediately.


Don’t Forget To Claim Rewards

There are several categories of completion collectibles that allow the player to earn their rewards. Especially, most of the items the player get or accomplishments that they completed in-game will go to the overall completion codex, which the player can earn their rewards. Finishing in-game activities and collecting items can lead to rewards like increasing the character, weapon, and familiar stats with other rewards as well.

Simply go to the main menu, choose ‘Records’, then the player need to ensure periodically grab their rewards for all four categories.

They will get a little red exclamation mark icon to show when there is something that is actionable in one of the menus, whether that’s claiming a reward in the Records menu, powering up the gear and familiars, or other activities such as checking in Dominion, claiming freebies from shops, and more. Make sure to pay attention to the little red exclamation mark icon.


Pay Attention To Elements

Cluu will give the player a bit of an introduction to this, but elements are super important in the game. Monsters that the player encounters have an elemental type, so choosing the right elemental weapon and familiar to tackle them can make all the difference in battle.

Damage can be increased by 50 percent by choosing the correct element while choosing the wrong element can lead to a 50 percent decrease in damage.

  • The elemental cycle is as follows:
  • Fire > Earth > Water > Fire
  • Dark and Light are both weak to the other and strong against the other.

Player is allow to equip up to three weapons and three familiars, so be sure to choose a decent range of elemental types that can easily change between during battle as needed. The character won’t automatically switch between elemental weapons with Auto-Battle.


Don’t Neglect To Upgrade Your Weapons, Armor, Familiars, And Mounts

Just about everything the player get in Cross Worlds can be upgraded and though the game will mention this briefly as part of the usual tutorial process, don’t forget to actually keep doing it. Even the mount can be powered up, which in turn increases the character’s combat power.

If the player also stronger for each familiar that have equipped, so be sure to equip all three familiars as soon as all slots unlocked, regardless of whether actually only favor one (though the player should use a few to cover different elements).


Claim Those Freebies

Cross Worlds features a coupon system that allows the player to input codes to claim in-game items. Netmarble has already released a number of coupons for players to use, the player can find out what they all are and how to redeem them in the Coupon Guide.

The player can get really useful items in these, as well as some lovely cosmetic items, so make sure don’t miss out.


Look Out For Treasure Chests And Vistas

Hidden around the world of Ni no Kuni are various treasure chests and vistas. Finding these and opening/interacting with them will earn you various rewards, such as items and stat increases. Player can track which chests and vistas that yet to find in each area via the main menu by choosing Records, then the Record option.

They can also find normal treasure chests that respawn scattered around, but they’ll need Treasure Chest Keys to open these, which can be earned a number of ways, such as quest rewards or by defeating enemies, or simply purchase some from the shop.


Destroy Boxes/Urns Every Day

There are lots of urns and boxes scattered around Ni no Kuni and if giving them a good kick, the player might just get a good reward in return. They earn 30 items from destroying urns/boxes each day.

Most of the time they’ll get Wooden Fuse Badges to use in the Fuse Pot, but sometimes they’ll get something rarer, like one of the class-specific bird hats.





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