This Gadget Transforms Your Smartphone Into A Working Gameboy

Retro Nintendo game lovers, if you’ve always wanted to play classic Nintendo games but hate all the virtual controllers on touchscreens, then you need to pick up Hyperkin’s Smart Boy case that transforms your smartphone into a Game Boy.

HyperKin Lab Smart Boy

Originally created as April Fool’s joke, the Smart Boy is actually a case that you slip your smartphone into. It then connects via USB and offers real, tactile buttons, similar to Nintendo’s Game Boy.

When connected, the Smart Boy lets you play Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges which mean you can jump back into classic titles such as Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and even Super Mario Land.

Smart Boy and Supa Boy

Currently, the Smart Boy only works with Android phones but a case for the iPhone 6 Plus is supposedly in the works. If you want to pick up a Smart Boy for yourself, you can head over to preorder it for $59,99 and ships on December 1st.

Source: HyperKin Lab

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