This War of Mine

This War of Mine


This War of Mine is a very interesting war survival game created by 11-bit Studios. The game was inspired from the 1992 – 1996 Siege of Sarajevo which took place at the Bosnian War.

It is different from the usual war themed video games that focus on the civilian experience of war instead of the frontline battle. The game has been released in November 2014 for OS X, Linux as well as Microsoft Windows format.

The game is basically a type of survival themed strategy game wherein the player will control a group of civilian survivors that are based on a makeshift shelter situated in a war torn and besieged city.

The main purpose of the game is to survive the war using the materials and tools that the player will gather using the characters that they control.

Most of the characters that are being controlled by the player have no background in the military training experiences or any kind of survival training and might require regular intervention for them to stay alive.

It will be the player’s responsibility to maintain the well being of the characters, their mood, as well as their level of hunger until such time that there will be a declaration of ceasefire that will take place in a randomized duration.

During daytime, there will be hostile snipers that will prevent the survivors from venturing in the outside world. The players will then have time to craft tools out of the materials gathered. They will also have to upgrade their shelter, trade with others, cook food and heal those that got wounded during the battle.

During nighttime, the players will have the opportunity to venture outside and then scavenge the nearby places to look for resources that they can use for their day to day survival.

During the player’s excursions, the survivors could encounter other survivors of the war as well with whom they can help in mining food and medicine or in some instances, rob and then kill.

Players will also have the opportunity to build radio within the shelter and this will be used in broadcasting useful information, like weather warnings, update on the current economy of the city and the ongoing news of the war efforts that will help the player in planning appropriate shelter upgrades as well as on their scavenging efforts.


this war of mine


Game Description

This War of Mine allows players to explore the harrowing realities of living in the midst of war. The management of the resources and the life simulation and exploration mechanics are easy, but it is elegantly created while giving messages to everyone that in the modern war, you could die like a dog without any good reason.

Just like with the grim version of The Sims, players will have to click around in order to move the characters as well as on the icons in order to assign certain tasks for each character.

Among these tasks are building shelter, making food, clearing the rubbles as a result of war, rifling through the resource points and administering aid by means of medicines or moral support, and many more.

All of these tasks can only be made possible if you have enough resources which the players would have to gather at night, when the character will be sent to scavenge and some others will stand guard and sleep. The locations will include abandoned schools, churches, hospitals and others. The areas that have more valuable resources are either defended or inhabited and the safer places will yield less.

The characters of This War of Mine are often fragile and ranged weapons are sometimes difficult to come by, and thus, you never will feel quite safe. Whether you are pillaging through abandoned houses or risking your life through a heavily fortified hotel, then there is a tendency that this could all go wrong in just a blink of an eye.

Remember that the morality as well as the bartering systems of the game will not bend just to accommodate your worsening situation. If a trader will come knocking, he will not mind if you are on the verge of dying and whatever resources you have will be worthless.

If desperate kids will ask for food, declining them will have a negative impact on the mentality of the characters, so they will either be depressed, sad and worse, become suicidal. Good deeds will certainly pay off.


this war of mine



This War of Mine is definitely one of the most successful war survival games ever created. And here are some of the reasons behind the overall success of the game.

• It features a distinct and dismal pencil art style graphics.
• Features a powerful examination of the civilian life during the time of war.
• Clearly depicts the complicated and challenging morality among humans.


While This War of Mine is definitely one of the best games ever created, it also comes with minor flaws and among these flaws are the following:

• The game could become monotonous after some time.
• It only comes with auto save option.
• Some of the systems used in the game are just easily exploited.


Perhaps the best way to describe This War of Mine is that it does not stop. But is this the best game to play? The answer is, maybe, if you are someone with a beating heart. The game involves a lot of emotions. It consists of a long form of exercise that involves empathy.

It is a sobering piece of game that works by filling in the blanks that were left when all we have seen of war are just the headshots.

It is the most thematically interesting game ever created but it is also a bit difficult to play with for it seemed like the world always will have its boot right through your throat.

It slowly increases the pressure until such time that the inevitable moment where life will be drained out from you. It’s a game that does not have any happy ending and that should be what every player should know.



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