Thunder Tier One Pre-order are now available!

The Thunder Tier One team has announced that the game will be available to purchase from Tuesday 7 December 2021. The title is a top-down tactical shooter which will appeal to players with an interest in military tactics and strategy. Thunder Tier One will retail at £16.99 / $19.99 and can now be pre-ordered on Steam.

Thunder Tier One is a realistic title where players join an elite special operations team tasked with stopping a dangerous terrorist organization wreaking havoc across the fictional Eastern European country of Salobia. In 4-player co-op, online PVP or solo with AI teammates, players must carefully select their gear and utilize all their tactical skills to successfully work their way through a nine mission story driven campaign. Additionally, Thunder Tier One includes new game modes Exfil, Domination – which were introduced during our Gameplay Preview Bravo – as well as Advance & Secure and Deathmatch. The game will be accessible to modding from the release date, allowing players to add and modify missions, weapons, AI behavior, equipment and more.

One of the stand out features of Thunder Tier One is its realism and attention to detail. Each weapon has unique attributes such as handling, rate of fire, muzzle velocity, effective range and accuracy. These characteristics, combined with the type of ammo loaded, will determine how accurate players’ shots are and also how effective they are at penetrating different materials.


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