Tiered Spender EOS Birthday Edition

Hello Soulkeepers near and far,

Echo of Soul Phoenix’s Birthday is upon on us and to celebrate is a 8-tier packed Tiered Spender! Spend your AP on any items you’d like in-game or in our web shop and receive more bang for your buck as you hit multiple tiers!

Get amazing items such as:

– Amnesia
– Premium Pack – 30 Days
– Royalty Magic Lamps

View the whole tiered spender and all of it’s tiers is HERE.

!!These rewards can be claimed indefinitely!!

The Tiered Spender ends November 4th at 11:59 pm CEST! It is still possible to claim your rewards 24 hours after the Tiered Spender ends.

Need more AP? Don’t fret you can get some more HERE to celebrate the 1st birthday of EOSP!


Top-up Echo of Soul now!


Aeria Games
OpenBucks Card
GoCash Game Card



For more information, please visit:
Echo of Soul Official Website.

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Echo of Soul (US)