Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends Mobile for Starters

Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends Mobile for Starters


Previously we’ve covered all that is going on with Apex Legends Mobile and after getting to know the game a little, we can’t help but feel that there will be a lot of new Apex players trying out the game. Maybe it is because Apex Legends Mobile is a mobile game and it is widely accessible to everyone. Even gamers that prefer different genres would want to try their hand at this game.

As many of you will know, starting a new game—especially FPS games—can be rough. Adding to the fact that Apex Legends is a competitive game, new players will be demolished if they don’t know what they are doing.

We’re here to help though. If you are starting on a new journey to be the best Apex Legends Mobile player, we’ll walk that road with you! First, let us take some baby steps and build our foundation with these beginner tips we’ve gathered.


Apex Legends Mobile Drop Spots


Wisely Choosing Your Dropping Spot


Dropping at a good spot at the start is huge if you want to survive longer in Apex Legends Mobile. Naturally, you would want to aim for areas that have the best loot from the start because getting powerful equipment from the get-go gives you a huge advantage.

That said, you will need to be careful with these areas though as most of your enemies will be eyeing them as well. We recommend avoiding the purple marked area as your starting point because these areas indicate that there are a lot of enemy teams in the vicinity and if you are a beginner, it is better to not engage the enemy so quick early on.

At the start, try to avoid as many fights as possible, sure you can engage in small skirmishes but make sure you are confident enough to take them. Focus on looting and getting good items before engaging in combat. This will increase your survival odds tremendously.


Apex Legends Mobile Move Together


Stick Close Together


Most seasoned and veteran FPS players like to pick off new players due to the newbies’ poor reading of the map. Do not allow yourself and your team to fall victim to this by sticking together as a unit.

If all of your team members are new to the game, sticking together throughout the game might not be such a bad idea. Whenever a teammate is looting something, the rest of the team can cover him by securing the area, looking to see whether there are enemies waiting to pounce.

Plus, by moving as a team, no matter how good the player is, it will be super difficult for them to take down your member. Have each other’s back and play the game to survive the long run.


Apex Legends Mobile Arena Mode


Arena Mode is Great for Trying New Things


You can assume that Arena Mode is like Turbo Mode from DOTA 2, it’s essentially a mode built on speed and dedicated to players who want to try different things out.

Many players use the Arena Mode to try different team compositions. They tend to theory-craft their own strategies and see how each Legend complements other Legends. Therefore, you can test out which Legend combination fits your team and can use it as a pocket strategy when you encounter an enemy team that has a game plan of their own.

Aside from being a testing ground, the Arena Mode can also be used as a break from the usual Battle Royale mode. It is more kill-centric and less cheesing. The gameplay is significantly less sweaty and some actually even made the Arena Mode their main mode as it is way less competitive than the others.


Apex Legends Mobile Beginner Legends


Pick Beginner-Friendly Legends


Beginner-friendly Legends aren’t bad Legends, it’s that their skillset and playstyle are ideal for newcomers and it helps them understand the game much easier.

For instance, Gibraltar is a powerful Legend that is very simple to work with. His defensive-based moves are easy to understand, making him the ideal candidate for players who want to learn the support role well.

Besides Gibraltar, another Legend that beginners can try is Bloodhound. Bloodhound shines in giving its team visionary information on the enemy team around the area. This helps new players to understand and practice their map awareness which is an essential skill for all good Apex Legends Mobile players.

Once you’ve got a good sense of the game, be sure to also try out the other characters as they all have their own quirks and uniqueness. But if you are new and don’t really know what to do, sticking with the aforementioned 2 Legends is your safe bet.


Apex Legends Mobile Perks Guide


Make Use of Perks Skill Tree


Perks are a little different from the PC/console version of the game. In Apex Legends Mobile, players can play and earn Legend Tokens which can be used on the Perks skill tree that boosts your Legend’s abilities.

For starters, we suggest sticking to one Legend and focusing on its Perks skill tree. By investing your efforts in one Legend, this Legend will be exceptionally strong and most of the time, you will have an edge against your opponent if your skill tree is fully activated.

To fully activate your skill tree, you will ultimately need to play more games. Take this as an opportunity to polish up on your mechanical skills and as you progress with your upgraded Legend, you’ll definitely perform a lot better!


Apex Legends Mobile Controller Support


Equip your Phone with a Controller


To be good at a game, one of the most important things is to be comfortable with your setup. Most console players might not be used to gaming on a mobile phone so even if they have insane FPS abilities, they might struggle still with a mobile phone setup.

Luckily, gaming controllers nowadays can be connected to your mobile phone and we recommend console players who are used to playing with a controller to connect to one for a more accessible experience.

As for mobile phone players, be sure to also customise your own touchscreen controls. Make sure that the spacing between buttons is to your liking and that everything is seamless and will not hinder your gameplay at all.


Apex Legends Mobile Communication


Communicate for Just About Anything


Apex Legends Mobile is a team game and above all, it emphasises greatly on teamwork. Voice apps like Discord or TeamSpeak are imperative if you are playing with your friends.

Information like loot location, enemy sightings or even your own location can be crucial in a do-or-die situation. As beginners, you need to feed your teammates with any information you can provide.

Another thing to note is to always keep your cool during any situation. Most of the time, beginners tend to make mistakes and it is perfectly fine to do so. Just remember to take it easy on each other and try to get better together as a team.


We are finally done covering all the things you need to know as a beginner. And if you want to enhance your Apex Legends Mobile experience even further, consider getting some Syndicate Gold with our Apex Legends Mobile Syndicate Gold here!