Tips and Tricks for Cult of the Lamb

Ever want to be a cult leader and spread your ways throughout the world? Well, you can do so as a lamb in Cult of the Lamb, but trust us, the road to your goal is treacherous and tough. As such, you will surely need all the help you can get!

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So let us begin by walking you through some tips and tricks you should have in your back pocket before attempting to expand your cult!


Food Cult of the Lamb


Food is the King of Resource


To survive, you require food—it is as simple as that. This is the same for your cult. You need to make sure that your followers aren’t starved for food. Without food, you might as well have signed a death warrant for your entire cult.

The key to avoiding this catastrophe is ensuring that some of your daily tasks involve foraging. Make sure—on a daily basis—that you are gathering food like berries or food resources for cooking, especially during the early stages of the game.

As you progress, you would have unlocked the Farm which will make things a lot easier for your cooking activities.


Path Cult of the Lamb


Take the Path that Leads to Followers


Like with most roguelikes, all stages in Cult of the Lamb are randomised. This is a good thing as every run would be a different one with a different experience.

However, there is one caveat to that. With randomised stages, it will be difficult for you to predict and make a choice on which path to take. No worries we’re here to help!

If you’re struggling and are still stuck at the early parts of the game, remember to always go for the stage with followers. The stage with followers is often the best choice because it can drastically help with your levelling. With higher levels, everything you do would be way more convenient and accessible.


Skill tree Cult of the Lamb


Focus on Bed and Soil Upgrades


There is a skill tree in Cult of the Lamb called the Divine Inspiration. Here, you have many options which you can choose to upgrade either your cult’s quality of living or on the Sermon skill tree, you’ll get to bolster your weapons instead.

While it might be tempting to go for the Sermon upgrades, starting out, we highly recommend upgrading the skills from the Divine Inspiration tree, especially for both bed and soil.

By upgrading the bed, your followers will spend less time fatigued which also equates to better health too. As for soil, the upgrade can immensely help with your food resources, which we’ve pointed out earlier is a form of a lifeline for your cult’s survival.


Weapons cult of the lamb


Learn to Adapt with Each Weapon


One thing that is pretty unique with Cult of the Lamb is that the game randomisation even applies to the weapon you will be using. Yes, you don’t have the luxury of picking your own weapon like in Hades or any other roguelikes.

Therefore, it is essential that players know at least a little about the weapons Cult of the Lamb has to offer. We’re not asking players to master all the weapons, but to at least know how they operate.

One of the most common pieces of knowledge for weaponry in Cult of the Lamb is heavy weapon generally hit harder but has a slower speed. On the other hand, lighter weapons tend to deal lesser damage but have a quicker execution speed.

Gauge them for yourself and adapt accordingly to each weapon’s damage and speed. Change your fight style if need be.


Difficulty Cult of the Lamb


It’s Perfectly Fine to Lower the Difficulty


Roguelikes are generally known for their difficulty. They are punishing and sometimes players get demotivated and might not want to continue playing the game.

Fortunately, Cult of the Lamb addresses this issue by implementing various difficulty levels. We understand that some people would want to play the game to unwind. Hence, by lowering the difficulty level, you’ll still be able to experience the game as is—just easier.


Always remember you’re here to have a good time, not to impress anyone by clearing the game at a higher difficulty.