Tips and Tricks to All Octopath Traveler 2 Characters

The sequel to the beloved Octopath Traveler game is here! Octopath Traveler 2 is another adventure for eight separate characters and their own personal quests. All of them are playable and there is a varying levels of things that they do.

As such, each of these eight characters plays out differently with their own nuances and gameplay. With this article, you will be able to learn more about these characters and what they offer in battle.

Let’s begin!

1. Agnea Bristarni

Agnea tips and tricks

Hailing from the Dancer class, Agnea is largely seen as a Support character with her useful buffs that can considerably strengthen her party’s damage output. This means having her around in your party will let your hard-hitting characters hit way harder than usual. To play here well, you will need to understand how her buffs and debuffs work to get her going.

Her Path Actions are pretty useful as well. The classic Allure Action returns from the previous game which is used to charm the townspeople into going to battle for you. At night, her Path Action is being able to obtain items from the people. This is a good way to conserve some money and also a good way to earn it because you can sell these items to the many shops in the game.

Agnea is a great character to have on your team if you are a classic JRPG player that loves to abuse buffs and debuffs.

2. Hikari Ku

Hikari tips and tricks

Arguably the coolest-looking character in the game, Hikari is a noble and worthy samurai from the Hinoeuma region. Like Olberic from the first Octopath Traveler, Hikari can challenge townspeople to a one-on-one duel. If Hikari manages to win, he’ll knock them unconscious, giving the team access to certain blocked areas (usually guarded by the person you’ve duelled with).

As for his fighting capabilities, Hikari shines the brightest when it comes to physical strength. His attacks usually deal damage to only one single enemy but that attack will hit like a truck. So, if you are thinking of applying buffs to someone, Hikari is your man.

His Stout Wall and Incite are also really useful to draw damage from enemies. The former raises Hikari’s Defense and Incite will make the opponent target Hikari specifically. It’s a great way to steal a turn and force the enemy to attack Hikari if your other party members are low on health.

3. Partito Yellowil

Partito tips and tricks

Parito is the designated Merchant of the game with the goal of sharing his earned wealth after experiencing poverty. Primarily played as a Support, Partito is very versatile with his supportive tools like Donate BP and Boost-Start skills.

In other words, Partito is really great at keeping the tempo, especially with his Donate BP skill that can set up a lot of Breaks if played correctly. The thing is, to make this work, the player will need to understand well the fundamentals of this game and how the Break and BP system work.

Successfully doing that and Partito will be a powerhouse, allowing you to consistently have the edge, even against the toughest of bosses.

4. Osvald V. Vanstein

Osvald tips and tricks

Regarded as the damage-dealing Mage in the game, Osvald has a lot of magic up his sleeves and is almost ideal in anyone’s team due to his variety of elemental spells. Additionally, using Osvald is pretty straightforward as his skills are really easy to understand and use. All you really need to know is the enemy’s weaknesses and you’ll just need to cast the right elemental spell and you are good.

Osvald’s amazing Analyse ability is also a really reliable skill where at the start of the turn, it will reveal one of the enemy’s weaknesses to you. This means, just by having him at the party, you will already have an edge at the beginning of the battle, making him perfect for clearing generic mobs.

5. Throne Anguis

throne tips and tricks

In the previous game, Therion has been a fan favourite due to his cool design and game-breaking ability Steal. In this sequel, the second Therion called Throne might just be as good—if not better.

In a way, Throne can quickly help you gain and save a lot of money. Her Path Action being able to steal items and equipment from the townspeople is very reliable economically. Do note that stealing isn’t always a guaranteed success so gauge whether it’s worth the risk or not.

In battle, Throne’s main asset is her amazing debuff skills and her Latent Power allowing her to act twice in a single turn are all amazing for pseudo-supporting. Do make sure to pair her up with hard hitters like Hikari and Osvald to unleash her full potential though.

6. Castti Florenz

casstti tips and tricks

Brewing potions is Castti’s forte and again, if played properly, Castti is a true menace in battle. Mainly played as a Support, she is a great healer but her greatest perk is her capability to remove status ailments from her teammates. At a higher level, this is very important and removing ailments can be one of the few things that save your team from getting wiped.

Castti is also an amazing character to have in your party due to her Support Skill, Vigorous Victor. This skill restores 30% of your team’s HP and SP after combat which is a perfect sustain-based ability when you are farming. It saves a lot of your time going back into the inn to heal as you can fight more battles before your team runs out of steam.

Her Latent Power allows her to concoct potions without any ingredients making her supply technically infinite. This is really good as you would not really need to prep for her potions creation, making her more viable compared to the first game Apothecary, Alfyn.

7. Ochette

ochetter tips and tricks

Ochette has one of the most broken skills in the game called Leghold Trap. This skill allows you to dictate the tempo of the game quite easily. Used correctly, your opponent might not even get a turn. Plus, Ochetter has some decent damaging skills with her Latent Power, Animal Instincts.

Her Capture ability also allows her to play Pokemon in this game where she gets to capture monsters to do her bidding. And because each monster has varying skills and abilities, her attack diversity is superb. Although to play her well, you will need to have a good grasp on the monsters’ skills and what they do or else her power will be severely limited.

8. Temenos Mistral

temenos tips and tricks

Temenos is like the opposite of Throne where his set of Support skills are geared towards pumping his teammates’ defensive stats. He is great for reducing the damage taken by your allies and his reviving skills can also come in extremely clutch.

Already great against most boss battles, Temenos Latent Power, Judgement is amazing for breaking enemy shields as it can allow any attacks to decrease Shield Points. It is safe to say that Temenos is the perfect defensive support and can provide sustainability to lengthy fights.

He is a staple Support and a very safe pick to have inside your party.

And that’s it! Looks like we’ve finally managed to cover all the playable characters from Octopath Traveler 2 and how you can go about them in terms of gameplay. If you wish to purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to do so with our Nintendo eShop Gift Cards here!