Tips & Tricks for Speedy Purchase | 网站攻略之极速购买

Tips & Tricks for Speedy Purchase | 网站攻略之极速购买

“Psst, wanna know the secret to a speedy purchase on OffGamers?”



Log in with your OffGamers account and look out for the “Recently Purchased” feature for a quick access to your most recent purchase.

登录您的OffGamers账号后,在主页留意 “最近购买” 的功能,以获取到达您近期所购买的产品页面的捷径。


Found products that are greyed with “Out of Stock” or “Not Available (N/A)” ? They are unable to be purchase right now and we will try to rearrange it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In exchange, you can still purchase other denomination up to the amount you wanted!

发现 灰色框标着 “产品缺货” 或是 “无法选择”?它们现在无法被购买,而我们会在被允许的情况下尽快安排妥当。为您带来了不变还请体谅。



Note down the steps: Recently Purchased > Select Voucher > Select Quantity > Checkout with OffGamers Store Credit

把步骤记录下来:最近购买 > 选择充值数额 > 选择数量 > 使用OffGamers Store Credit付款


The guide itself is not speedy enough because it’s lengthy? Well take a look at these video guides! Not even a minute time and you’ll master it.




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