Tips & Tricks | How to Easily Navigate OffGamers Website

Tips & Tricks | How to Easily Navigate OffGamers Website

Welcome to the Q&A blog for OffGamers’ new-themed website. All kinds of facts, feedback and questions will be answered here to help you navigate through OffGamers website. Without further ado, let’s start now.


Q: I can’t search for the product I want.

A: Please ensure you have typed in the correct name of the product, or try to be more specific on what you are searching for (Xbox Live Gift Card / Steam Wallet Codes etc).


Q: I’m not sure what I want to buy.

A: Find out what OffGamers have to offer on the top bar by Best Selling or Category. You can also find discounted items in Promotion.


Q: Where can I find promotional products?

A: Navigate to the “Promotions” page, select you desired products and choose the product with “Discount Promo” in the voucher section.


Q: Having trouble navigating through OffGamers’ new website?

A: Search for a product > Select a Brand (the name of the product or game) > Select a Product (the product that can be redeemed or topped-up to your account) > Select a Voucher (the amount the product) > Select Quantity > Checkout and earn OffGamers Points.


Q: What payment method can I use?

A: There are about 200 unique payment methods available on the platform and users from around the world will have more than one payment option available to choose from.


Q: Where do I get my code?

A: View your order history and check the order’s status. When completed, you can reveal your code at the bottom by clicking on it. If it’s still pending, try waiting for a bit and click the blue refresh icon beside it.


If you would like to watch a video guide instead, check out OffGamers YouTube Channel!


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