Tips & Tricks on Knowing Your Product | 网站攻略之产品讯息

Tips & Tricks on Knowing Your Product | 网站攻略之产品讯息

“Huh? Not sure about what to buy on OffGamers? Check out what’s the right product for you here!”



Product Region | 产品区域

Can’t find the product for your region? Simply Search for a Product > Select Brand > Select Product and you’ll find all of the products available in different region.

Do note that some products can only be redeemed in the specific region, so choose wisely before purchasing!

找不到适合自己区域的产品吗?只要通过 搜寻产品 > 选择目录 > 选择产品 便能找到适合各种区域的产品啦!



Redemption Guide | 兑换指南

Not sure how to redeem your product? Navigate to the Product Description at the bottom of the site and you’ll get the information needed.

不确定如何兑换产品?移动至页面下方寻找 产品描述 便能获得想要的资讯了。


Promotions & Discount | 促销活动与优惠产品

Want enjoy promotional events and discounts? Navigate to the Promotions page and choose the promotional product, select product with “Discount Promo” and checkout with Selected Payment Method to enjoy higher discount!

想要享有更多促销活动与优惠产品?移动至 促销 界面并选择 促销产品,接着选择带有 “促销” 字眼的产品并使用特定的付款方式来享有更高的折扣吧!


Video Guide | 视频指南

Check out the video above for the video guide! 点击上方的视频也可观看视频指南哦!



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