Titanfall is a type of shooter game that is played in a first person perspective. In this game, the players are pilots who will command agile and mech-style exoskeletons known as the Titans in order to fulfill certain objectives.

The game is set in war torn colonies outside the space and the only game mode available is the online multiplayer.

However, the game consists of single player elements, like the non player characters, character dialogue, as well as the plot. And although Titanfall is not available for single player mode, offline mode and even local split screen mode, it is capable of supporting system link on local area network or LAN.

At the start of the game, the players can choose the type of pilot that they want. The Titans can then be deployed periodically, according to the onscreen timer. When other players are killed, the timer is reduced.

If summoned, the players will be told to prepare for the “Titanfall”, and this happens when a Titan will be dropped off from the sky while being surrounded with some protective force field.

The game is filled with so much adventure.

Players can run on the walls, glide through the zip lines, vault over some obstacles, perform double jumps and can chain together in combos.

The player, which is the pilot, comes with several tactical abilities, such as regenerating the speed boost, invisibility cloaking, x-ray vision, and more.

He can also make use of up to ten traditional weapons that can be customized and these include machine guns, semi-automatic shot guns, assault rifles, as well as sniper rifles.

The primary weapons consist of the chain guns, lightning canons, and the rocket launchers.

Game Description

Titanfall is a multiplayer game that was released in 2014 and was published by Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn Entertainment. It was in March of 2014 that the game was launched for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. As for the Xbox 360 version, it was released in April of the same year.

It was among the most anticipated games of 2014 as it was developed by the same company that made the very successful Call of Duty game franchise.

When playing Titanfall, the players will control the pilots as well as their Titans and will fight in a war torn outer space colony.

What makes the game so popular is because it is highly optimized in order to achieve a fast pace and continuous action that comes with wall running abilities, not to mention the presence of soldiers that are computer controlled.

In one single game, there are up to 50 characters that can stay active and the non player activity will be offloaded for the cloud computing service of Microsoft, which optimizes the local graphical performance.

The development team that is behind the game started working on the title since the year 2011 and their concept of “Titan” has developed from a mere human sized suit to a battle tank exoskeleton.

Furthermore, they sought to bring about the verticality, scale and the story into a multiplayer genre by means of some elements that are traditionally reserved for a single player campaign.

The development team is comprised of 65 people and their work is inspired from some of the most popular games ever released, such as Star Wars, Blade Runner, etc.


First of all, the very useful tutorial game of Titanfall is really helpful for first time gamers. The game play is highly impressive as well and this could be because of the various abilities that the players can enjoy all throughout the game.

One is the cloaking ability which allows the pilots to become nearly invisible with the metal giants and the stims that give players a temporary fast speed ability allowing them to chase enemies easily even from the rooftops, walls or even on the ground.

Furthermore, all of the maps are impressive, having the ability to adapt pretty well to each of the game modes. Other things that make the game really great are the simplicity as well as the natural feel of the game movement, something that you can rarely find on other computer games these days.


Unlike other shooter games, the Titanfall is only available in a 6v6 multiplayer mode. This means that it cannot be played alone, except for the optional tutorial game. Another thing that might put off gaming enthusiasts about Titanfall is the fact that its Xbox 360 version has a lower quality as compared to the Xbox One and the PC versions.

It does not have the prettiest platform and you can clearly see the game’s lack of quality when the texture pops in, especially when the Titans will drop in. It also lacks some features that a lot of players would have expected from a multiplayer shooter game.


Titanfall is the perfect representation of a game that has been established out of modern ideas, which results to an impressive balance of unpredictability and power. The jetpack powered locomotion of the game, the giant robot combat and the on-foot death match has made the game to become one of the best shooter games of all time.

The well designed maps of the game are laudable as well and the customized weapons are totally dynamic.

Although Titanfall falls short in terms of modes and customization features, the intense action of the game makes it so exciting that you can hardly resist playing the game. In fact, looking at someone playing the game will make you feel like you want to grab the controller and play as well.

Titanfall may lack some of the features that one would expect from a multiplayer shooter game, but it is still worthy to be praised since all the elements of the game have been united in a more approachable and cohesive way.

It excels when it comes to making each and every movement and action in the game a truly exciting one. With this, Titanfall certainly deserves to be hailed as among the best shooter games of all time.



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