Tom and Jerry Updated on January 20 !


Here’s what you can look forward to:

New Content:

1. King Jerry Skin: Imperial Conqueror (Jan. 20 – Feb. 28)
May the light of his glory illuminate your way through the battlefield. May his regal voice fill your heart with calm. For he is Jerry, the Grand Conqueror. The Imperial Conqueror Magic Mirror will be available for a limited time. The prize pool includes King Jerry’s S-class Skin, Imperial Conqueror, as well as three A-class Skins: King Jerry’s Desert Noble, Devil Jerry’s Tiger Troublemaker, and Butch’s Big Boss.

New Events:

1. Limited-time Offers on King Jerry Skins (Jan. 20 – Jan. 30)
During the event, the following three King Jerry Skins will be available from the Shop for 50% off: Henry I, Regal Scepter, and Golden Armor (from 668 Diamonds to 334 Diamonds).

2. Imperial Conqueror Challenge (Jan. 20 – Jan. 30)
Complete certain quests to receive rewards, including Imperial Conqueror Trial Cards (1 day), the Imperial Conqueror Avatar, Imperial Conqueror Trial Cards (3 days), Stars, Gold, Silver, Skin Tokens, Perk Points, Stamp, Chase Tokens, and Engagement.

3. Season Boost (Jan. 20 – Jan. 27)
The Season isn’t over yet! Spend Gold or Diamonds to obtain extra Chase Tokens, Stars, Engagement, Season Boost Boxes, and other rewards.

Season Boost Box: Open to randomly get one of the following rewards: Knight’s Soul Frame, Chase Tokens, Engagement, a Mouse Limited Perk Card Box, or a Cat Limited Perk Card Box.




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