Top 10 Games To Try in Steam Early Access

Steam Early Access is a hit or miss for adventurous gamers. You might find a game that you love to play, or you may spend money on games that you’ll never play more than once. The good news is that there are multiple sales and specials that offer huge savings on early access games.

Buy a Steam Gift Card online, and top up your wallet to get in on these sales as quickly as you can.

If you’re not sure which games to buy, we’re going to cover the best PC games in Steam Early Access that you can get your hands on and begin playing today.

What is Steam Early Access?

Developers run into a lot of financial problems when they’re developing their games. Early access allows you to get access to games that are currently in development. You’ll be able to play games as they evolve, submit your feedback and enjoy updated and added content.

This service grows and evolves with the involvement of you, the gamer.

Developers enjoy more feedback without having to put the game into beta. Money is exchanged for this service, so developers are able to fund further development, even when the game is not fully released to the public yet.

You obviously get the polished version of the game and all updates are available.

Let’s look at some of the best PC games in Steam Early Access available today.

10 Best PC Games in Steam Early Access

1. Craftopia


Craftopia is a multiplayer survival action game that was developed in Japan. There are over 5,900 reviews of this game, and it involves a lot of the fun activities that multiplayer games today don’t offer:

  • Hack and slash action
  • Building
  • Farming
  • Automation
  • Hunting

You can tell that the developers had a lot of fun creating this sandbox game. What the developers wanted to do was mix together all of their favorite video games into one giant environment.

You have everything to enjoy, from hunting monsters to casting magical spells and factory management.

The game continues to grow and expand, with 20 new farming crops being introduced recently as well as monsters to destroy, buildings to build and fun new gadgets to play with.

A lot of people think that this game is like Minecraft, but it’s more like an enhanced version of RuneScape. Simple and intuitive, you do have a nice building system to play with, tiered skills, skill customization and activities to keep you busy for months.

You’ll be able to explore random islands, and there are also multiple vehicles that you can use to get around quicker.

2. Gunfire Reborn

gunfire reborn

Gunfire Reborn mixes first person shooters and roguelikes with an RPG. This game is an adventure, level-based game that allows you to play a variety of different heroes all with various abilities and random levels.

The game offers:

  • Randomly dropped weapons
  • Single-player and up to four players in co-op mode
  • Unique abilities

There are 16,000 plus reviews of this game, and all of them are very positive. Gunfire Reborn offers the quick shooting and killing of an FPS along with magical abilities and a cartoony feel. You won’t just be running into another war-like game where you must kill enemies that look more like soldiers.

Gunfire Reborn is the perfect mix of an adventure game and FPS.

Levels are always random, offering you a new experience. Every hero has their own unique abilities and you’ll be able to enjoy a fun combat system across the game’s many different levels.

3. Skul: The Hero Slayer


Skul: The Hero Slayer is a rogue-lite, 2D platform where you have to single handedly take on an Imperial Army. In the last month, there have been over 620 positive reviews and there are 6,300 very positive reviews since the game first was released in February of 2020.

You can download a demo of the game, so this is a bonus if you’re not sure that you want to spend the money on your Steam card.

When you play this game, you’ll be playing as Skul, who is the hero slayer. The map is ever changing and challenging, and you never know what to expect around the next corner. You’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Tons of skulls
  • Tons of playable characters

You can use up to two skulls at a time, which allow you to use unique attack abilities that include unique ranges, power and speed.

You can choose different variations of combos to meet your playstyle. When you change skulls, you’re effectively changing the abilities for your player. Skul is a skeleton after all, so changing his skulls will be how you effectively change characters.

4. Satisfactory


Satisfactory is one of the most popular and best rated games on the platform. This game is a first-person, open-world factory building game that allows for a bit of exploration and combat at the same time.

You’ll be able to explore an alien-like planet, build your own factories, incorporate conveyor belts into your factory, and play alone or with your friends.

Fun and exciting, the entire platform is open world and has unique sets of creatures and fauna that you will experience.

Factories allow you to automate and optimize so that you can create trucks, jetpacks, vehicles, pipes and variety of other infrastructure and equipment that you’ll need to survive. There are also options for:

  • Traveling the world in style
  • Co-op options to build your factory with friends

Combat isn’t a central part of this game, but it will be very important when you first start. Combat isn’t necessarily hard, but you will need to determine how to kill different monsters using different techniques. Prepare to die a lot when you first start the game.

5. Grounded


Grounded has a very positive rating, with over 8,800 reviews. This is a great game that offers beautiful visuals and allows you to enter a world that is vast, dangerous and much bigger than you. You’re shrunk down to the size of an ant and have to live alongside gigantic insects while you fight your way to survival.

The world is reactive, meaning that your actions impact the way the insects act. You’ll have to create a base building with shelter and tools that are going to be critical to your survival. You’ll be able to build your own epic base that will protect you and your staff from insects and dangerous weather patterns.

You’ll also be able to craft:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Tools

As your gear gets better, you’ll be able to explore and survive in the world around you. There are co-op modes available to explore your backyard with a friend, or you can go into the adventure all alone.

Grounded is a fun adventure game that offers a new twist in gaming.

6. Night of The Dead

night of the dead

Night of The Dead is a game for you if you like fighting off zombies and escaping islands. You’ll be required to build defenses against the nightly waves of zombies that are trying to kill you. The game is very positively reviewed, with nearly 2,000 reviewers already, and the graphics are stunning.

The island is vast, where everything is interactive and covered with zombies. You’ll be required to build and upgrade bases by using the resources around you, including:

  • Cutting down trees
  • Collecting artifacts
  • Mining up stones

You also must hunt, farm, cook and eat. Traps can be built inside of your fortress to guide zombie movements and ensure your survival. Weapons, costumes, items and other fun extras await you. There are journals that you’ll be able to find that will provide hints on how to escape the island, and you can also craft your own equipment to make yourself stronger.

7. 7 Days To Die

7 days to die

7 Days To Die is another fun zombie survival game, and it involves a variety of different genres. This open world game is a unique combination of survival horror, role playing, tower defense and the first-person shooter all put into one.

This game has over 95,000 reviews and has been in early access since 2013.

But the game has sold over 10,000,000 copies already and is called a defining game for their survival genre. Many people say this is the best zombie FPS that has ever been created, and it’s a mix of Minecraft and Gravity in one.

When you buy this game, you’ll be buying a game that includes:

  • Large scale environments
  • Crafting systems
  • Vehicles
  • Building from the ground up or from ruins
  • Cooperative or competing modes
  • Over 2,000 unique building blocks, painting systems and 800 in game items
  • 5 disciplines to follow and over 100 books that enhance your skills
  • And so much more

8. Raft


Raft is unlike any of the games that are already on this list. Reviewed very positively, over 55,000 people recommend this game, which is an epic Oceanic adventure. Play alone or with friends. In Raft, you are thrown into a perilous voyage that requires you to sail across the sea.

You’ll be building your own floating home while fighting off sharks, bears and other dangers.

You’ll be able to scavenge reefs, gather debris and work on surviving this massive open world adventure. When you begin playing, you’ll be able to:

  • Fish up debris
  • Craft weapons, equipment and crop plots
  • Build and expand your raft
  • Research new skills
  • Explore the depths of the ocean for more resources
  • Sail to new, fun places

9. Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

mount and blade

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is one of the best PC games in Steam Early Access. You’ll be joining in on a journey of chaos. You’ll have horns sounding, ravens gathering, new kingdoms to explore, armor, followers, battlefields and a civil war on your hands.

Offering one of the best medieval combat simulators available, this is 200 years before the first game and expands both the fighting system and the world around you.

You’ll be able to enjoy siege weapons, back alleys and the thick of battle as you try to gain power.

This is a strategy, action RPG game that revolves around the continent of Calradia. Players will be able to:

  • Enjoy a realistic economy
  • Utilize an advanced progression system
  • Mod the game
  • Master an arsenal of weapons

Breathtaking battles await as well as multiplayer game modes that allow you to test your skills against players across the world in small scale skirmishes or epic siege battles.

10. Swords n’ Magic and Stuff

swords n magic

Swords n’ Magic and Stuff is the final game on our list, and it’s so new that it only has 160 positive reviews. But for the game being out less than two weeks, that’s a pretty impressive start.

The game encourages you to get out on an adventure in the world with your friends to explore magic, swords and stuff. When you’re out playing in this fun, adventurous world, you’ll meet new friends and foes, uncover hidden secrets, and discover a lot of fun loot.

Sure, you’ll have foes to kill, but this game is really about the journey of discovery. You must carve out your own destiny in the world, where there are no level restrictions, classes or requirements from your character.

You can be whoever or whatever you want to be.

You can play the game anyway you like, which can include:

  • Setting out on epic adventures
  • Creating a small farm
  • Building furniture
  • Acting as a merchant that explores the world and sells goods

The game is played at your own pace, with no hand holding or direction at all. The game is fun, densely populated and open world, so you have a lot of adventure ahead of you.

Still Not Finding a Game You Want to Play?

We’ve listed the top 10 games that we like to play, but this doesn’t mean that they’ll be the best games for you. There are a lot of different games in Early Access that you can buy and begin playing.

But a lot of these games are from developers that you may not have heard of before or there’s simply not a lot of information about them available yet.

If you’re trying to find cheap games to play, it doesn’t get much better than these Early Access games. A few of the ways that we recommend finding games to play include:

  • Reviews. You can read reviews on the game directly on Steam. These people have obviously played the game and will give you some insight. You may also be able to find similar reviews with a quick Google search that can help you.
  • Twitch. If you’re a gamer, you know that Twitch is the place to go to find new games. Type in the game that you’re interested in playing, or look for streamers that are offering just streams on some of these Early Access games. I also like to look at developer streams to find out new information and insights on some of these games.

And if you’re going to buy a Steam gift card for somebody else, there are a few things that we recommend you know first and have provided in this article titled: The Best Ways to Buy Steam Gift Cards Online.

Steam Early Access is an asset for both gamers and developers. Once you get in on some of these Early Access games, you’ll find some very interesting titles that you may have never tried otherwise.

What games do you think are the best PC games in Steam’s Early Access library?

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