Top 10 Garena Free Fire Characters To Play As

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Garena Free Fire, also called just Free Fire, is a battle royale that gives you a break from the likes of Fortnite and PUBG. If you’re an Apple or Android fan, you’ll be able to enjoy countless hours of fun with your friends and with others.The game set a personal record of 80 million daily active users in May 2020, so you have a lot of people to play with.

Revenue reached over $1 billion by November 2019, and an enhanced version of the game is currently in the works. You’ll be playing in the third-person, and you’ll inevitably try to buy Free Fire Diamond Pins online to up your game as you become more competitive.

When a new Garena Free Fire begins, 50 players will fall to an island where they’ll want to search for:

  • Weapons
  • Equipment

You need to kill the other players to win. Since you’re able to choose your starting point, you’ll want to be strategic about where you parachute and land.

A benefit and downside of Garena Free Fire is that the graphics have been toned down. You’ll find that the graphics are not on par with other battle royale games, but these lower graphics are in place so that older and slower phones can run the game.

Performance is the developer’s priority, but the game is still fun and rewarding.

Your main choice will be to pick which characters you’ll be playing. Catch up by reading this list of all Garena free fire characters and their abilities so far.

But which characters are most popular?

There are about 30 characters to choose from. Let’s look at the leading characters to see what abilities and benefits they offer.

Top 10 Garena Fire Free Characters

Most battle royale games lack the skills and character system that Free Fire offers. You’ll find that in ranked mode, there are a lot of characters that continue popping up primarily because the skills and abilities of certain characters gives you an advantage.

The top 10 characters are:

1. Alok


Alok is a DJ, and he is a character that has a real-life counterpart with the same name. The key reason, besides his awesome aesthetics, that people choose this character is because he has one insanely overpowered skill: Drop the Beat.

An offensive and defensive skill, this is an aura that benefits you and your teammates. When active, Drop the Beat will:

  • Heal Alok and his allies
  • Increase Alok’s and his allies’ movement speed

If you’re new to the game, the additional heal and speed boost can keep you alive for longer and make it much more difficult to kill you.

2. A124


When you play as A124, you’ll be playing as an android that has a cute Shiba Inu pet that can scour out mushrooms for you. Why is this important? The Thrill of Battle skill requires you to hunt down these mushrooms to gain EP.

Thrill of Battle is, perhaps, the most powerful solo ability that gives you an extra 50 HP.

When activated, you’ll convert EP to HP, making you almost impossible to kill in a 1v1 battle. Mushrooms help you restore your EP and can be found on the minimap when you have your Shiba Inu out. You can also team up with Miguel, which will provide you with EP regen after every kill.

3. Paloma


Paloma is a unique character because she has a neat ability called Arm dealing. The ability may not sound all that enticing, but it will allow you to carry AR ammo without impacting your inventory space.

What extras can you carry?

Two that standout the most are medkits and grenades. An extra medkit can mean the difference between life and death, and extra grenades provide you with additional, explosive fun.

Tip: When going into buildings, toss in a grenade to kill enemies that may be hidden away.

4. Rafael


Rafael can easily rank higher on our list because he’s a lethal sniper that is perfect for quick, accurate kills. As an aspiring sniper, he also has a neat ability called Dead Silent. When active, the ability allows you to hide your presence on the map for eight seconds.

Since no one can look at the minimap and find your location, you can stealth kill them without other players being able to see what direction you’re shooting from.

If you’re playing with a friend, be sure to add Laura to your group. Laura has a skill that allows for a 30% increase in accuracy when you’re using a scope. The boost in accuracy and stealth will make you into one of the most lethal characters on the map.

5. Kapella

kapella 2

Kapella is a lot of fun to play and really excels when playing team games. In fact, every top team is running with Kapella because she’s a great utility character. Healing Song, her special ability, does two main things:

  • Reduces downed character’s HP loss
  • Increases the effects of healing

Teammates last longer thanks to coming back from being downed faster and with more health. Add in the additional healing, and she’s perfect for a healing role and can be leveraged with Alok for even more healing power.

6. Wolfrahh


Wolfrahh is a fun, hip character to play. If you’re good at taking limb shots, this is the character that you’ll want to play. He has a neat ability called Limelight. The ability does as much damage to the enemy’s limbs as a headshot would do.

In terms of damage, you can expect limb shots to cause around 25% additional damage.

But you will lose around the same amount of damage when taking a headshot. Keep your shots to the limbs, especially with a shotgun or SMG, and you’ll rapidly kill your enemies.

When paired with Hayato, you can do some serious body damage thanks to the Bushido ability.

7. Notora


Like driving in vehicles? Notora is your go-to option thanks to her Racer’s Blessing skill. The skill is active when Notora is behind the wheel of a vehicle and will restore the health of everyone in your team, including yourself.

Healing occurs at a rate of 5HP per 2 seconds, so it’s going to take some time to heal to max health.

When playing in squads or matches, Notora’s ability can support the entire team.

8. Shani


Shani is a character that you’ll want to play if you’re efficient at killing. Gear Recycle, her special ability, adds 20 armor durability with every kill that you get. The points in durability allow you to upgrade your armor to level 3.

As you kill more people, you’ll gain so much armor that you’ll be the hardest person on the map to kill.

Shani is a unique character because you have to either run with other players to increase your kills and accuracy, or you have to be aggressive. If you’re a rusher that can get a lot of quick kills, Shani will make it so that your defenses keep rising and you can slaughter the opposition.

9. Alvaro


Explosives and Alvaro are a match made in heaven. Alvaro’s Art of Demolition is his special skill that allows you to increase the damage of your leading explosives:

  • Land mines
  • Oil barrels
  • Grenades
  • Vehicles

If you like explosives, you’ll love doing 16% higher damage when Art of Demolition is active. And you’ll also be able to increase the range of your explosives, which allows you to stay at a safer distance and play a more defensive role without losing any of your offensive abilities.

10. Joseph


Joseph makes the list, too. If you’re new to the game and just learning the ropes or you like to kite your enemies, Joseph is a good choice. Nutty Movement is Joseph’s ability, which increases your movement speed when taking damage.

Retreating is a part of the game, and you can utilize the 20% increase in movement speed to take cover and regroup.

If you’re outside of the safe zone, the ability will stay active the entire time.

What Are Free Fire Diamond Pins?

Mobile developers have to make money. The amount of resources it takes to run servers and accommodate millions of people online at a time costs money. Gamers buy Free Fire Diamond pins online so that they can make in-app purchases.

A few of the items that you’ll be able to buy with Diamond Pins are:

  • Characters
  • Outfits
  • Vehicles skins
  • Weapons

You can purchase these items from the shop, or you can get them by completing Elite Pass missions.

Where To Buy Get Free Fire Diamond Pins

Gamers that are just jumping into the game and trying to improve their gameplay will often try and buy Free Fire Diamond pins. These pins are valuable, and you can obviously purchase them from in the app.

But you’ll also be able to snag some great deals online.

Garena Free Fire also sells these pins online, and people may have extra pins that they’ve received in the form of gift cards that they’re selling.

A lot of people get these cards as gifts, or they stop playing the game and are trying to offload them.

OffGamers provides steep discounts on Free Fire Diamond Pins that allow you to purchase pins for as little as $1 to $2 and a lot of these offers come with bonus pins, too.

6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Garena Free Fire Gameplay

Garena Free Fire takes time and patience to master, but it’s definitely worth playing and giving a try. The good news is that there are a lot of tips that can help you amplify your gameplay from the beginning.

If you don’t want to parachute onto the island and get obliterated, these tips can help:

  1. Choose the right character. Try and play a bunch of different characters to find one that meets your playstyle. Everyone has their own preference, so even if the character you feel most comfortable playing isn’t listed above, that doesn’t mean that they’re not a good fit for you.
  2. Watch and learn on Twitch. Streamers are going to provide you with a lot of insight that you wouldn’t have been able to gather unless you’ve played a lot. Watch what these streamers are doing and try and pick up tips along the way. Here’s a link to Garena Free Fire’s Twitch main page.
  3. Watch YouTube play guides. YouTubers are going to offer a wealth of knowledge to anyone planning on playing Free Fire. A few videos to check out are: Badge 99, Broken Joystick and Arpan Gaming.
  4. Crouch against shotguns. If you’re hit by a shotgun bullet, you’ll suffer significant damage. The trick to avoid these shots is to crouch. Shotguns can only shoot a single bullet at a time. You’ll be able to avoid being hit by the first shot and will have to take advantage of the time it takes for the shooter to reload.
  5. Practice like a pro in Clash Squad. Professional players practice a lot, and they take every advantage to try and master the basics of the game. Daily Clash Squads allow you to improve your skills, primarily putting up gloo walls rapidly and practicing your shooting.
  6. Shrink zone hunting. When you sit back and play too defensively, you’re missing out on honing your skills, like shooting and exploiting certain cover. Since people are scrambling to get into the safe zone at this time, kill them. Use this time to practice your shooting and exploiting certain types of cover.

Garena Free Fire is a fun, fast-paced game that you can play for free. While the game may not have the enhanced graphics that other battle royale games offer, it can be played on older mobile devices without an issue.

If you do buy Free Fire Diamonds pins online, you’ll be able to up your game and hopefully increase your ranking. Just be warned: higher rankings mean that you’ll be playing against better players.

Use your time at lower rankings to master shooting, learning the maps and figuring out when to be offensive or defensive.

Meta Description: Garena Free Fire’s characters offer their own special skills and abilities. Learn which characters are in the top 10 to play and how you can get Garena Free Fire Diamond pins.