Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Gamer Boyfriends

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Gamer Boyfriends

Find out the top 5 Christmas gift ideas for your gamer boyfriend. You may be under the impression that buying gifts for a gamer boyfriend is easy. That is, until you realize that your boyfriend already has the latest consoles and games. Suddenly, you’re out of gift ideas. Christmas is coming up and he’s expecting something very special.

Since you want to seem thoughtful, you want to give something that he’ll benefit from as a gamer. Of course, you want to show that you’re supporting his hobby.


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Virtual Money is the Perfect Gift

Gamers buy digital goods all the time. These include weapons and resources that they use in the games. They buy these digital goods using virtual money, and virtual money is bought using real money.

This is why it’s a good idea to give your gamer boyfriend something that he can use to buy these digital goods.

These gift ideas are basically gift cards. They’re gift cards that they can use to buy digital goods for their games which make them the perfect gifts!


5 Gift Ideas

Here are 5 gifts that you can give to your gamer boyfriend this Christmas:

1.Steam Wallet Card
Your gamer boyfriend is probably on Steam. After all, it’s one of the best all-around platforms out there as far as gaming entertainment is concerned. Steam is steam productenjoyed by more than 100 million players. It’s easy to see why this is the case. After all, the platform has over 3,500 games to choose from.

Now, you probably know that gamers are quite picky with the games that they play. So instead of choosing from these 3,500 plus games as gift ideas, just give a loaded Steam Wallet Card that your boyfriend can use to buy the games!

It’s very rare for a gamer to just play a couple of games. In fact, your boyfriend is probably playing dozens of them. This is why Steam is very popular because it offers a lot of games in its market.

By giving your boyfriend a Steam Wallet Card, you’re basically giving him access to thousands of games that he can choose from! This makes it one of the best gift ideas this Christmas.

Think of yourself in a store selling thousands of shoes and you get to pick whatever you want. That’s what your gamer boyfriend will feel with this gift.


2. iTunes
iTunes product You can also give your boyfriend an iTunes gift card. Using this gift card, he can buy the best games in the app store. Sure, there are a lot of free games in the market, but the best ones are paid.

Using this gift card, your boyfriend can pack his iPhone with the best games in the market so he can enjoy gaming while on the go.

As an added bonus, he can use the same gift card to enjoy everything that Apple has to offer. He can download apps, movies, songs, books and more. With your gift, he can turn his Apple devices into complete entertainment centers.


3. Google Play
google play product If ever your boyfriend is an Android user, you don’t have to worry because there are also a lot of gift ideas that you can play with. As an Android user, your significant other is probably a regular at the Google Play store. After all, he can download a lot of free games in there. However, everybody knows that the best games are paid ones. With your help, he can enjoy these games on his device.

You just need to give him a Google Play gift card.

Using it, he can download the games that he always wanted to play but couldn’t because they’re paid games. This is a very thoughtful gift because you’re acknowledging the fact that he enjoys playing on his Android device and that you’re giving him a chance to play the best games in Google Play.

That’s not all. Since you’re giving him access to the Google Play store, he can use the gift card to download just about anything that’s on the store. There are millions of apps that he can download and use for entertainment and even productivity. He can also check out the wide variety of available ebooks. He can also tune in to watch his favorite TV shows.


4.Gift Cards for either the Playstation or Xbox
xbox live product As a gamer, he probably has the latest Playstation or Xbox. In fact, there’s a good chance that he has both! If your boyfriend has the Playstation, it’s a good idea for him to take advantage of the PSN or Playstation Network.

He can do this with a PSN card that he can use on the Playstation Store. In this store, your significant other can download the games that he wants to play! Yes, he doesn’t need to settle on game demos anymore!

playstation productDon’t worry if he’s more of an Xbox kind of guy. There’s a counterpart which is Xbox Live. You can load his Xbox Live account with funds that he can use on the Xbox Store. He can download and play the latest and most popular games in the market and they’re usually discounted if bought from the Xbox Store.

Both platforms offer exclusive content to members, so that’s another benefit that makes this option one of the best gift ideas this Christmas.


5. Karma Koin
karma koin product Donating to charity in the name of your gift recipient (in this case, your boyfriend) is one of the best gift ideas out there especially if your boyfriend likes to help. But since he’s a gamer, why not do so while helping your significant other enjoy his games?

You can hit two birds with one stone by taking advantage of Karma Koin. Your significant other can use the Karma Koin to purchase things online like digital goods, gadgets and games. Best of all, the company will donate 1% of your purchase to a good cause.

Karma Koin is fast rising in popularity. In fact, popular games like Sudden Attack, Warframe, Rappelz and more now support Karma Koin.


Check them Out Now

As you can see, you have a lot of good gift ideas for your gamer boyfriend this Christmas. Check them out today!

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