Trails of Cold Steel IV Launching First To PlayStation 4

Nihon Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV is the epic finale to the Trails of Cold Steel saga. The game will officially launch on October 27, 2020 to PlayStation 4. As for the PC and Nintendo Switch version, the game will only be available in 2021.

The Erebonian Empire is on the brink of all out war! Taking place shortly after the ending of Trails of Cold Steel III, the heroes of Class VII find themselves with the full force of the Empire on the path to domination. Further, the hero of the Erebonian Civil War and Class VII’s instructor, Rean Schwarzer, has gone missing. Now, the students of Class VII, old and new, must unite with heroes from all over the continent to create the only chance the world has to be spared from total destruction.