Triangle Strategy: 7 Characters You Would Want to Have in Your Party

Triangle Strategy: 7 Characters You Would Want to Have in Your Party


Aside from the classic Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games, Square Enix also has an impressive list of underrated games that deserve some spotlight.

For instance, Valkyrie Profile and Octopath Traveler, are some of the games that flew under the radar but have all the qualities of KH and FF—it packs an awesome story, gameplay and characters.

And another Square Enix game that falls into the underrated category would be the recently released Triangle Strategy which could be the child of Final Fantasy Tactics and Octopath Traveler.

And like most strategy-based RPG games, there are a LOT of characters for you to choose from. However, you only can have a limited number of party members and we have decided the best 7 (in no particular order) that you should definitely consider adding to your team.


Benedict Triangle Strategy


1. Benedict


Benedict is arguably your best supporter for the early parts of the game. Boasting some super useful buffs that boost your team’s offence and defence, Benedict is a valuable asset in making your early smoother.

One of his quirks is that Benedict can alter the turn of the battle. This is insanely powerful because when used correctly, your team will always have control of the battle’s tempo and turn-based combat enthusiasts will know how important this is.

Remember to pair him up with someone from your party though, because, at the end of the day, Benedict’s greatest strength is providing aid and support.


Anna Triangle Strategy


2. Anna


Anna is a mixture of both utility and damage. While it might not have the raw firepower that Roland has, Anna makes up with its stealthiness and capability of taking down enemies silently.

Plus, she has the ability to move twice in one turn which is a game-changer for turn-based combat mechanics. As such, she can easily reposition herself to an optimal position where she can maximise her damage safely.


Narve Triangle Strategy


3. Narve


Magic specialists are usually a hit or miss when it comes to RPG games. They are either super powerful or super weak. Narve is one of the more powerful and versatile mages out there.

Capable of controlling all elements, Narve is great to have in your party as it offers a lot of options to counterplay different types of enemies.

Additionally, Narve can also heal his allies with his Sanctuary ability, providing both survivability and sustainability.


Geela Triangle Strategy


4.  Geela


Every RPG team needs a dedicated healer and Geela is perhaps the best at it in Triangle Strategy.

It goes without saying that healing is essential for any RPG game as it ensures that your team survives throughout the battle. Paired with buffs, Geela is an excellent support that will easily carry you through both the early and later stages of the game.

Her “Heal What Ails You” ability is also able to cure ailments of her allies. This ability is as important as it is convenient as status ailments can really mess up your strategy.


Lionel Triangle Strategy


5. Lionel


Lionel is more of a wildcard in the list as what he brings to the table isn’t raw damage or useful healings, instead, Lionel specialises in extorting coins and spoils and enemies.

In the long run, Lionel can be seen as a cash cow or a cash magnet as while you are farming your characters, Lionel can tremendously increase your wealth, making it very convenient for you to upgrade your characters.


Hughette Triangle Strategy


6. Hughette


Want to play it safe while also dealing significant damage? If so, then Hughette is the character for you.

Filling the archer archetype, Hughette can traverse the most difficult of terrains, which allows her to consistently gain positional advantages over her enemies.

That said, you will always need to be aware of Hughette’s positioning as her damage output and strongest perks can only be fully utilised if she has a good vantage point.


Medina Triangle Strategy


7. Medina


Medina is basically Tressa from Octopath Traveler and Tressa is seen by many as one of the most powerful characters in Octopath Traveler, with almost similar roles and skillset, Medina should definitely be up there with the best.

This is because of their game-breaking mechanic where they can provide TPs to their allies which can enable many characters like Serenoa and Roland to pump out even more damage.

Adding to the fact that Medina also has the ability to buff and debuff her enemies makes her one of the more multidimensional supports in the game.


Of course, the characters mentioned are all opinion-based and there are still a lot more characters for you to choose from. It is best that you try building your team yourself and see which works and suits your playstyle. Triangle Strategy is available on Nintendo eShop which you can purchase using some of our Nintendo eShop Cards here!