Two Dots

Two Dots is a puzzle video game developed by Playdots, Inc. This game is rank number 1 among 50 best games by Tech Radar.


TwoDots has power-ups, objectives and certain levels. Objectives may include sinking Anchors, breaking ice, or connecting dots together. At the start of the game, level one is unlocked, and another level is unlocked as the player progresses. As a player completes a “world”, another one is unlocked. Currently, there are seven available worlds, which differ in gameplay elements, obstacles and/or objectives.


At the start of a level, the objectives are displayed, while one says to complete in less than a certain number of moves. When the player is ready, a set of dots is “dropped” from the top of the in-game area. The player must connect at least two dots of the same color in order to make a move. They can be connected horizontally or vertically, but never diagonally. The dots on top will then fall down until they hit dots or the floor beneath. In addition to connecting the dots, when a player connects at least four dots to form a square, all of the dots in the game area with a color same as the dots used to form a square will disappear, and any dot(s) inside the square will become “bomb(s)” which will explode on all eight directions (even diagonally) just after being formed


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Source: Tech Radar

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  1. Yash December 13, 2017

    Good puzzle game

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