Ubisoft Released Huge 1.3 Update Patch Notes For The Division

A huge patch is coming for The Division with the 1.3 update, which will be part of tomorrow’s Underground DLC for the online-always open-world shooter.

The Division Update Patch

Players will receive the patch for free but the Underground DLC will require you to purchase the season pass for The Division to access it. One thing to note, the update patch for PlayStation 4 is delayed with Ubisoft mentioning that “more information” to come “soon” regarding its delay.

Here are a few key points as per Ubisoft patch notes:


Please note that you must own the Underground DLC to gain access to this content. This is available on June 28 for Xbox One and PC, and August 2 for PlayStation 4.


– There is a secret war going on in the uncharted and claustrophobic depths of Manhattan. Root out the threat and earn unique rewards.
– Explore the Underground of New York in solo play or up to four player co-op.
– Operations: Experience randomly generated levels with all new environmental hazards and traps.
– Directives: Add a unique a twist to your gameplay experience by changing the rules of engagement for both your enemies and your own team and combine more Directives to unlock better rewards.
– Underground Rank: Earn Underground experience and climb in Rank to unlock new Directives, Operation types, and exclusive Vanity Items.

New Incursion: Dragon’s Nest

– Travel to Hell’s Kitchen and investigate rumors of a new Cleaner weapon that can wreak havoc throughout Manhattan.
– You must be level 30 and have completed the mission “General Assembly” to access the incursion.
– The encounter is balanced for a team of four players outfitted with high-level gear.
– Heroic Mode will be available one week after release.

New Gear Sets and Weapons

Added four new Gear Sets:

– B.L.I.N.D. — Control the battlefield with an improved Pulse skill and flashbangs with this hybrid gear set.
– DeadEYE — Dictate long-range engagements with powerful critical strikes or accurate headshots.
– FireCrest — Set your enemies ablaze with this offensive gear set.
– Reclaimer — Boost your entire group with the ultimate support set.
– Added one new Weapon: B.L.I.N.D. System MDR Rifle: Please note that while it will be implemented in the game, you will not be able to acquire it until a future update.


The following content, changes, and bug fixes are available for Xbox One and PC players on June 28th. Unfortunately, this patch has been delayed on PlayStation 4. Expect more information soon.


New Gear Sets

– Added one new Gear Set: AlphaBridge — Take advantage of all your equipped weapon talents with this powerful set.

New High-End Weapons and Weapon Types

Added nine new weapon types:

– Military G36 Assault Rifle
– G36C Assault Rifle
– G36 Enhanced Assault Rifle
– Surplus SVD Marksman Rifle
– Paratrooper SVD Marksman Rifle
– PP-19 Submachine Gun
– Enhanced PP-19 Submachine Gun
– X-45 Pistol
– First Wave X-45 Pistol
– Added a new High-End named weapon: The Showstopper: A unique full-auto shotgun that’s perfect for close-quarter combat.

The patch goes on to more details, which you can check here, but with all the changes and content coming, it should keep players coming back to Ubisoft’s open-world shooter.

Source: Ubisoft

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