Ubisoft ‘s For Honor Starter Edition Comes With Six Playable Heroes

Ubisoft is currently offering a Starter Edition for its hack and slash For Honor game. This edition of the game will include the complete story campaign and all multiplayer modes, together with three fully-unlocked Vanguard heroes which consist of Warden, Raider, and Kensai. In addition to this heroes, three more playable heroes will be accessible from the faction chosen at the beginning of the game.

The three faction Heroes customization option will remain locked until players fork out 8000 Steel, For Honor’s in-game currency. The rest of the heroes which were included with the game at launch will locked too until 8000 Steel is paid, while post-release heroes will cost 15,000 Steel, the normal going rate for DLC characters.

The For Honor Starter Edition is available today and will cost $15, compared to $60 for the standard release. That is a significant discount, the trade-off being that you will need to spend much more time in the game to access the good stuff. Grinding for Steel is a time consuming affair.

Steel can also be bought, but it is not cheap. In order to unlock the rest of the heroes as well as the base game and the DLC characters, players will need to prepare to pay over $40 and more.