Ubisoft’s Latest Addition Is A Virtual Assistant Called Sam

Ubisoft is going to launch a virtual assistant called Sam to keep you occupied with games linked to your Ubisoft Club account. Sam works with voice commands or text chat messages on your phone, and it supplies answers to your regular gaming questions.

Charles Huteau, creative director of Ubisoft Club, said that the beta test for the app is currently underway in Canada and it will be available to others at later stage once the app is refined. Ubisoft’s team in Montreal has worked on the bot for the past year, incorporating natural language processing through the Google Cloud technology.

The app and Sam will be free of charge. In order to access Sam, you will need a Ubisoft Club account and when you are logged in, Sam will greet you and send you notifications from your games. Users are also able to earn Ubisoft Club points and spend those on rewards such as skins, weapons, and audio tracks.

Sam is based on the Sam Fisher character in the Tom Clancy franchise, however, the chat bot’s voice is not based on the game character’s voice.