Unleash the Warhawk Sorceress in Lexicon Season 51 Now!

Promotion Date: December 1, 2023 – December 28, 2023
Lexicon Season 51

Calling all Heroes Evolved champions! The highly anticipated Lexicon Season 51 has arrived, bringing a whirlwind of excitement and powerful rewards. This time, prepare to summon the awe-inspiring Warhawk Sorceress, a brand-new skin for the formidable Magicka, and claim exclusive Lexicon-themed decorations to personalize your profile!

Bring All New Skins Straight to Your Inventory during Lexicon Season 51

During the Lexicon Season 51, you can claim some new skins below:

  • Warhawk Sorceress

Purchase a random Lexicon bundle, hit Lexicon Level 65, and unleash the Warhawk Sorceress skin for Magicka!

  • Sapphire Elf

Sapphire Elf is a Lexicon-exclusive Prisma skin for Fawna. Subscribe to a random Lexicon bundle, unlock the Lexicon Gift Pack, and secure this hot new skin.

  • Dawn Spirit

The Dawn Spirit Limited Epic skin for Jeanne is up for grabs at an unbeatable price of 100 Tokens in the Store, but only until December 5. Get yours before it’s too late!

But that’s not all – Lexicon Season 51 also brings you wonderful rewards you’ll regret if you miss out on. That includes Winged Slasher for Lilith, Dinomecha for Vince, Fire Archer for Aiden, and Luoyang Guard for Mikio.

Grab the Lexicon Super Bundle, and you’ll bag yourself a Palladium Lucky Wheel Voucher, plus a bunch of Lexicon EXP, a stylish Decoration Selection Pack I (now with an extra kick from the new Sparkle Card speedup FX), a 7-day Warhawk Sorceress, and a 50-Token voucher for the next Lexicon season.

How to Level Up Lexicon Quickly?

Speed up your language Lexicon with ease! Grab some Weekly Lexicon Bargain Packs and Lexicon Surprise Packs from the Store at affordable prices. Unleash your inner hero and join the Lexicon Season 51 adventure!

Top up your Token on OffGamers now. Upgrade during the promotional period, unleash the magic of Warhawk Sorceress, and adorn your virtual world with Lexicon exclusives. Gear up, heroes – it’s time to conquer Lexicon Season 51! 🔥✨

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