Unwrap Entertainment This Ramadan with Shahid

Ramadan with Shahid

As families gather for Ramadan, sharing moments of joy and togetherness becomes even more important. Entertainment plays a key role in creating lasting memories during this special time. This Ramadan, Shahid brings you the perfect shows to watch with your friends and family. Enjoy Ramadan with Shahid!

Shahid offers a vast library of Arabic content, from captivating dramas and laugh-out-loud comedies to thrilling action shows and heartwarming family favorites. So, settle in with your loved ones and discover the perfect show to set the mood for a truly special Ramadan.

Ramadan with Shahid – Top Shows for You to Watch

Here’s the list of top titles in each region you might want to consider watching:


  1. Zawja Waheda La Takfi S1
  2. Ramez Gab Min El Akher S2024
  3. Sikkat Safar S3
  4. Jak Al Elm S1
  5. El Atawla S1

Egypt & North Africa

  1. Ashghal Shaqa S1
  2. El Atawla S1
  3. Ramez Gab Min El Akher S2024
  4. Ne’ma El Avoccato S1
  5. Kamel El Adad +1 S2


  1. Wlad Badee’a S1
  2. Ramez Gab Min El Akher S2024
  3. Aa Amal S1
  4. Taj S1
  5. Al Arbaji S2

The Perfect Ramadan Gift!

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