Update Highlights on Minecraft Live 2022

Update Highlights on Minecraft Live 2022

Recently the team behind Minecraft franchise has announced a bunch of upcoming stuffs for their games. Take a look on what’s new!


Minecraft 1.20

Camel Mob

This new animal will be seen in the desert areas, and will be able to carry up to two players on their back, with an additional ability to dash across rivers and ravines.

Bamboo For Everyone

Not from trees nor rocks, but from a new block named “Bamboo Mosaic”. Get the new material and craft yourself a bamboo raft to set sail on a journey.

Hanging Signs

More signs! But now they and hanging on the roof! Combine normal signs and chains to elevate your signs.

Chiseled bookshelves

Yes, bookshelves actually store books now. Holding up to 6 books, the texture also changes depending on what you stored.

New Default Skins

Sunny, Kai, Makena, Zuri, Efe, Ari and Noor will be joining Alex and Steve in the Minecraft Launcher and Dressing Room. The new skins will be available in Minecraft on November 29.


Minecraft Dungeon Seasonal Event

A Season 3 is coming to the game on Oct 19 and it’s going to be all about pets. Rewards like capes will be in the texture of cows, turtles, and the emotes will all be about the animals, such as giving pet to them or act like a chicken!

There will also be a new enchantment smith where you can reroll your enchantments on your equipment. Furthermore, a new multiplayer mode for the Tower and the new Fauna Faire will also be landing on the same date.

Another event to be mention is the Halloween event where it will be coming on Oct 26. You can get 6 piece of gear from the Hungriest Horror Armor set and the Cloaked Armor Set. So stay tuned!


Minecraft Legends First Look

The new title to the franchise is Minecraft Legends is announced to be coming in 2023. Take a look on how the gameplay will be like and watch a cinematic trailer of it in the end of the video!



Game Card








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