Updates From The Pokemon Showcase

Updates From The Pokemon Showcase


Nintendo is finishing the year strong it seems. After the successful launch of Pokemon UNITE, it was also teased that there will be a couple of new Pokemon games arriving for the Nintendo Switch.

But there’s more to that. In a recent Nintendo showcase, more updates about these new games—and existing ones—were revealed.

Here are some of the notable updates we have noticed.

Pokemon UNITE Pokemon Showcase August 2021


Pokemon UNITE Coming to Mobile and New Pokemon Additions


Although this has been expected for quite some time, it is still great to hear it from the official source.

It has been confirmed that on the 22nd of Sept this year, Pokemon UNITE will be taking its stage on mobile devices.

The pre-registration is already underway and pre-registered users will also get additional gifts once the game has officially launched on mobile phones.

Two new Pokemon will also be added to the roster. The gigantic Mamoswine and elegant Sylveon will have the chance to grace the Pokemon UNITE stage when the mobile version lands.


Pokemon Masters Pokemon Showcase 2021


Pokemon Masters EX 2-Year Anniversary Update


One of the few underrated gems under the plethora of awesome Pokemon games is Pokemon Masters EX and it has already been 2 years since its release!

And to commemorate this event, Nintendo announced on the showcase that players will be able to receive free 3,000 gems.

Other than that, the update will also include Sync pair scouts, new storylines and legendary events.


Pokemon Cafe Remix Pokemon Showcase August 2021


Pokemon Cafe Remix Revamped


While Pokemon Cafe Remix might not appeal to many players from the mainline games, but we’d argue that Pokemon Cafe Remix is a great ‘breather’ game where you can take your foot off the pedal from time to time.

This extremely cute and aesthetic game will receive a nice revamp for its puzzles and it is also revealed that a lot of Pokemon will be joining the game!

Gameplay will also be changed as you can now improve your staff differently with additional dress-up options as well.


Pokemon GO Pokemon Showcase August 2021


Pokemon GO Meets Galar Region


And if you think you’re old, Pokemon GO celebrated its 5th anniversary in July.

There will be more Pokemon from the Galar region joining Pokemon Go as its anniversary celebration continues. Galarian Pokemon that players might encounter during this event are teased to be Falinks, Wooloo and Skwovet.

Legendary Pokemon were also teased like Hoopa, who might be responsible for all of this happening and the two legendary beasts; Zacian and Zamazaneta.


Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond Pokemon Showcase August 2021


Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond


Yes, finally we get more information about the Gen 4 remake after getting a whiff of it earlier this year.

Despite mixed reviews from the announcement trailer, the current showcase promises a lot. There was a brief introduction about the Sinnoh region with some good footage of the game.

What we enjoy the most about this remake update is that we will be able to personalise the protagonist like Sword and Shield.

Besides that, a new area called Pokemon Hideaways was revealed where you can alter Pokemon encounters using statues inside your Pokemon base.

Plus, the first Pokemon in your party will also be following your sprite outside of battles like HeartGold and SoulSilver.

The games will be released for the Switch on November 19.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Pokemon Showcase August 2021


Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Earlier, we mentioned that the initial reaction for the Sinnoh remakes were pretty mixed, but Pokemon Legends: Arceus was love at first sight for many—and it just got better.

This open-world game will be set in the Hisui region where it was also revealed that there will be certain Pokemon like Growlithe and Basculin in their own regional forms.

We now also know that the game’s primary objective will not be collecting gym badges. Instead, you will play as a Pokemon researcher to discover more about the Pokemon dwelling in the Hisui region.

The model design and the setting are beautiful. And, wild Pokemon can actually damage the trainer now. What more can you ask?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be released on January 28, 2022.


So be sure to have enough funds on your Nintendo eShop account to pre-order the games or get them when they launch. Check out our wide variety of Nintendo eShop cards here!



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