Useful Bots You Should Get For Your Discord Servers

Useful Bots You Should Get For Your Discord Servers


Discord is without doubt one of the best voice apps out there due to its appeal to the younger audience and functionalities that build bridges across communities.

That said, many users and owners of Discord servers have barely tapped the potential of Discord and although the main goal of Discord is to serve as a voice comm for gamers, there’s so much more one can get out of the Discord service.

For instance, server bots are extremely useful and can come in handy when providing server assistance and entertainment.

Some of the bots that you should have working on your Discord servers include:

Music Bot Discord


Music Bot

A music bot in a Discord server is mandatory. Despite YouTube getting rid of the Groovy bot—arguably the best music bot—due to T&C violations, there are still many bot services out there that provide music streaming through Spotify or SoundCloud.

With so many music bots to choose from, be sure to take your time in selecting one that synergises well with your server.

For example, the Mantaro bot is an anime-themed bot that can play music while also having other functions like looking up anime-related information.


Welcome bot Discord is basically a secretary for your discord server. However, this secretary does its job by pointing you in the right direction whenever you encounter an issue on Discord.

This is extremely useful for large community servers where moderators would often encounter technical difficulties. will work its magic by creating support tickets for the right parties.


MEE6 bot discord



MEE6 may not provide many entertainment-centric features, but shines when it comes to server management and moderation.

Have you ever entered a new community server and are immediately greeted with a welcome message explaining to you what the server is all about?

That is most likely MEE6 doing its job. Other automated tasks that can be assigned to the bot include assigning server roles and timing out users that might be spamming texts.

If you’re looking for a cleanup crew for your servers, MEE6 is probably the best bot for the business.


Virtual Fisher Bot Discord


Virtual Fisher

Fishing might be less appealing to the younger generation due to the required patience but if there’s a bot that handles the waiting, that’ll be great!

The Virtual Fisher bot is a game that can be added to any Discord server that will provide an interactive spark for its members.

Members can use different rods and baits to play the game. The fish that were caught can be traded for in-game currencies, used to purchase better fishing equipment.

Overall, it combines RPG elements into a fishing game—all within a bot. A great way to liven up a server with a de-stressful minigame.


Tatsu Discord Bot



Ever want to own a virtual home with virtual doggos and kitties?

You can easily build your ideal home on Discord with your friends with the help of the Tatsu bot. The best thing about this bot is that it is consistently getting updated with different cosmetics and pets, avoiding staleness.

The interface for the bot is very accessible even for Discord newbies. The developers of the bot are very helpful and will provide assistance whenever they can.

If you are a big fan of games like Restaurant City or Pets Society from back in the day, you can assume that Tatsu is a spiritual inspiration from them and we are confident you will like it just as much.


While most of the bots that we have mentioned are free, being a Discord Nitro member can also greatly help enhance your Discord experience. And if you’re thinking of upgrading, click here to purchase a Discord Nitro membership with OffGamers.