Using Slurs In Rainbow Six Siege Comes With Immediate Bans

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has implemented their anti-toxicity system and recently, reports are coming in that players are getting banned for using slurs in the shooter’s in-game chat.

Last weekend, several Rainbow Six Siege players reported being banned because of using racial slurs through the in-game chat system, and not from the voice chat feature. The first ban for such offence will last only 30 minutes long. However, even a brief ban demonstrates Ubisoft is taking things seriously against toxicity.

rainbow six siege toxic behavior

First offense comes with a 30 minute ban, though a second and third offense will trigger a two hour ban. After the third offense, Ubisoft moderators will investigate the user account, check the player’s history and may execute a permanent ban, depending on the severity.

In April, Ubisoft did announce plans that the company would address toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege. The team have began monitoring the frequency of racial or homophobic slurs by monitoring and moderating the in-game chat system. The team will suspend offenders account first before handing out perma-bans, especially to serious offenders.