Valheim’s new update lets Vikings make beautiful new homes

Valheim, the Viking sandbox game, had an explosively popular launch. Now developer Iron Gate Studio is ready to release the game’s first content update, Hearth & Home. As you might guess from the title, the update largely centers around building nicer bases. But there are other upgrades to combat, crafting, and exploration that are tucked into Hearth & Home, which makes it a nice time to return to Valheim for eager Vikings.

There’s new furniture and food for players to divide, like the Darkwood building pieces, and a new stone throne and hot tub. There are also crystal walls and shelves to showcase all of your treasure, which is a nice touch. Then there are more cooking supplies, a cartography table, an Obliterator to destroy unwanted items, and a new iron cooking station for gourmet recipes.

There are also general improvements to the game, like a weapon rebalance that makes each individual weapon feel a little more distinct. There are also 12 new food items and a host of new weapons.


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